bird introduction

  1. S

    Aggression in Quaker when attempting to introduce Green Cheek Conure into Home

    My partner and I have had our Quaker parrot Milo for around 8 months now. He was a rehome from a pet store at around 18 months old when we got him, after being surrendered to the pet store. We have recently purchased a green cheek conure at 1 years old. Milo was already reasonably calm and...
  2. JettIsTheDevil

    New Member with a Galah x Corella Hybrid

    Hi! As you can see by my username, I have a pet Galah x Corella (otherwise known as “Apricot Galahs”) who is the literal spawn of the Devil (sometimes). I have done a little research on his specific cross breed but I have found very little information on them. Which is how I came across this...