bird safe

  1. P

    Hot plate?

    Can anyone vouch for a bird-safe hot plate that is just the plain, old-fashioned electric kind?
  2. S

    Bird safe space heaters?

    My bird's cage is in my room, which for some reason is the coldest room in the house. Even to the point where I complain. I know many of you may suggest to move her cage somewhere else, but we have a cat, and I don't agree with moving her cage out of the safety of my room. The cat has free reign...
  3. P

    Disinfecting branches?

    Hi, I’m preparing some natural branches for my budgie, but I’ve never disinfected any before and I’m not sure how to do it properly. I know that some people soak branches in bleach, or bake them in the oven but I’d like to avoid those methods if possible. I’m going to disinfect some branches...
  4. ZephyrFly


    As far as I know, white paper is fine for birds to shred. White paper coloured with water based food colouring is? Is coloured paper safe? Pre coloured like you'd use for origami or give to kids to craft with. Help?
  5. J

    Bird Safe Air Fresheners

    Hi all I've been trying to find some bird safe ways freshen the air in my apartment. Not that my birds stink or anything. Its just that I'm so used to having plug-ins and candles to make my place smell nice (before i got LuLu of course). Does anyone know if there are any candles that are bird...