Bird safe space heaters?


Jan 21, 2023
My bird's cage is in my room, which for some reason is the coldest room in the house. Even to the point where I complain.
I know many of you may suggest to move her cage somewhere else, but we have a cat, and I don't agree with moving her cage out of the safety of my room.
The cat has free reign of the house at night - minus my room - so that wont do.

I bought a space heater and plugged it in upstairs, and immediately noticed a weird smell, almost sweet? I unplugged it and looked at the manual, and noticed it had a p65 warning, which means theres some kind of chemical that may be unsafe for humans.
I bought a ceramic heater as I heard they are a bit safer, specifically a "Mainstays 1500W Ceramic Fan-Force Electric Space Heater"
I scanned the manual up and down and even called the number to see if there was any kind of coating and couldn't get an answer. The man on the phone said "its got safety overheat and tip protection" when I asked if there was a coating and if it was bird safe... SMH.

I'm reaching out to see if any of you have any good space heaters in mind.
90% of the heaters I see do not disclose whether they do or do not have any coatings or are bird friendly.


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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
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In general what most are recommending for a general room space heater is to look at the oiled filled, radiator style heater. Depending on the size of the room you are likely looking at the larger unit, not the one that sells for around 40 USD. This product uses an immersion style heating element that is not exposed to the general air around the unit, but only the bath of oil.
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