bird toys

  1. unburiedpup

    What kind of toys should I get?

    I cleaned and organized Aristotleā€™s cage today since I had no school, but I was wondering; what kinda of toys should I get for him? After all, his cage is mainly perches. (Also, I am going to buy him a bigger cage, but for now he is still using the cage that his previous owner gave to me.)...
  2. C

    Charlieā€™s home made toys

    Hello all :orange: I thought I would post some of the things I have made for Charlie my caique. Charlieā€™s Happy Hut - He likes it so much that he will actually carry his daily fruit bit by bit into the hut to eat. Charlieā€™s Rough & Tumble Zone - He will hop and roll on his back with his...
  3. T

    Rope toys

    Hi there, I was looking online for some toys to see if there are any good deals. I came across a rope climbing net and was wondering if it was safe for birds, specifically cockatiels. I have already bought it but if it is not safe I will not use it. Pet Bird Parrot Parakeet Cage Rope Net...
  4. Britta's Toy Box

    Britta's Toy Box

    Hanging toy box for Britta
  5. Rufio850

    GCC and certain toys

    My GCC is 1 and a half year old. He is starting to get into his toys more. He loves playing with the paper, his favorite toy are bottle caps from sodas (don't worry we wash them). I found this squid toy with a bunch of hanging rope and beads. It's called the Giant Squid Bird Toy. Says it is...
  6. C

    Foraging Toy Ideas for Conure?

    My conure is a good forager, but she learns how to get the food out pretty fast and soon is bored with that toy. I bought a few foraging toys, and now I want to make some. As far as DIY foraging toys, I generally wrap up treats in paper and she shreds it to get the toy. I also give her a cup...
  7. S

    bird toys

    I have an African Grey and a Citron crested Cockatoo. One thing I've always struggled with is how expensive their toys are, and then how quickly they rip them to shreds (cockatoo especially!) Recently I reviewed some toys that are hand made, very durable, safe, and also affordable (a...
  8. B

    Hello every birdie

    Hello, I am from York, Pennsylvania. I am the proud mommy of a beautiful female, Pineapple Turquoise Green Cheek Conure who's name is Gracie. A Male Dutch Blue Pied Lovebird Snuggles: he is the newest member of our flock. And also a Female Blue Pied Budgie Parakeet. I am married and have 3...