Foraging Toy Ideas for Conure?


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Jun 27, 2011
Chika, my green cheek conure. She is my first bird.
My conure is a good forager, but she learns how to get the food out pretty fast and soon is bored with that toy. I bought a few foraging toys, and now I want to make some. As far as DIY foraging toys, I generally wrap up treats in paper and she shreds it to get the toy. I also give her a cup with shredded paper and treats and she pulls out the paper (and makes a big mess for momma to clean up ;) ) and gets the treats and little toys. I need some new ideas to challenge her! I'm currently eating lots of Dole fruit cups so I can use the cups to make a cheaper version of this (, which I already have. I'm hoping to make it harder for her, though. Any other ideas?

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