blind parrot

  1. Senseless

    Blind Congo African grey help

    Heyo, we got this african grey (Keko) a couple months ago and it appears that he is blind and only seeing shadows? How can I help him? He steps up then he bites right after. This is his right and left eye.
  2. J

    Can a bird get blind?

    Hello everyone. I was just wondering if you could tell me if a bird can go blind by its own or by born. I have a ringneck parrot (Age is approx 6 years) who responds only from the right side. He cannot respond from the left side. The visual of his eyes are exactly the same of both eyes. I was...
  3. C

    Blind Cockatiel

    Hi we took in a 10month old blind Cockatiel on Monday. I have found it very difficult to find info on cage set up, handling etc. So I have started a blog, so others needing info can learn from our experience and hopefully we can meet other's caring for blind birds and learn from their...