Blind Congo African grey help


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Apr 20, 2022
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Heyo, we got this african grey (Keko) a couple months ago and it appears that he is blind and only seeing shadows? How can I help him? He steps up then he bites right after. This is his right and left eye.


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Apr 27, 2022
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Hi! He's beautiful. We have a blind Greenwing Macaw. We learned the most important thing is that you do not move things around in his cage. They depend consistency and will learn to get along. Never approach your blind bird without making presence known before you have them step-up, and you will save yourself (and your bird), a lot of grief. They can actually live full and fun lives despite their lack of sight.


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Apr 25, 2020
I have had a completely blind and a one eyed parrot and I agree with what mom2rain writes. If you leave things in the same spot or move them only a little bit at a time your bird will learn the layout of his environment perfectly.

You may not have to announce yourself as your birds hearing is so good he will know when you’re coming. But it’s polite to say hi and may help reassure him.

My blind conure, Magoo, was very quiet and got scared if there were any strange voices in the house, especially men. I am pretty sure someone hit him as his irises were no longer round and his beak was broken.

He was very scared and frantic at first but he quickly got to know me and became the cuddliest of birds. He also really liked soft snuggly toys to rub his face on. He had a ring of cotton (looked like mop strings) that he loved to sleep in and cuddle with.

I would hand feed him soft foods because I could put them right into his beak and also he needed the extra love.

He passed in a gas leak about 15 years ago, along with my bronze winged Pionus, saving my life and my Quaker parakeet (whose cage was higher up).


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Apr 25, 2020
Aha! I see you write your grey steps up and then bites. Well, that suggests he is scared or confused about something. My Quaker who was blind on one side would bite when she first came to me, if approached from that side.

I would tell Lucy (Quaker) and Magoo what I was going to do or touch if I needed to handle them. Like, “I’m going to touch your foot now”. Or “I need to see your wing.” Use a towel for restraint so the bird doesn’t thrash and scare itself more. Or get an extra pair of hands.

Just keep everything as predictable and same as possible and I think your guy will settle down soon.

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