Can a bird get blind?


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Jan 31, 2022
Hello everyone. I was just wondering if you could tell me if a bird can go blind by its own or by born. I have a ringneck parrot (Age is approx 6 years) who responds only from the right side. He cannot respond from the left side.

The visual of his eyes are exactly the same of both eyes. I was just concerned if he has any issue or not. Thank you in advance.
Yes. Birds absolutely can be blind. Go check with a CAV if you’re concerned.
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low vitamin A can lead to vision issues. As can a past head injury. Or I'm sure many other issues.

An all seed diet doesn't provide vitamins A or other needed nutrients. So they need to eat lots of veggies leafy greens and a few deep colored fruits and berries.
Low vit A definitely leads to vision issues. Kirby has slight cataracts in both eyes (as well as a host of other health issues) all caused by improper diet and nutrition. If this is a new issue and not something he’s always exhibited, it could very well be more recent in onset.

The good news is if it’s a nutrition-linked issue, you can prevent it from getting worse. Thirding the reccomendation to have them see an avian vet over this; they can also help set you up for success in the area of proper diet! Best of luck!

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