1. parrotman29

    URGENT Parrot's tongue got bitten and tongue has a wound

    Hello, It is currently 7 pm here and most vets here are closed, My indian ringneck's tongue got bitten by my female lovebird and a small amount of blood came out of the bite wound, It looks as if it has stopped bleeding and has formed a scab, My indian ringneck is eating normally, he is flying...
  2. Oli

    Feather question? Black part on feather shaft.

    Hello all, long time no post. Juliet (pineapple green cheek) and I are doing well. She just celebrated her 6th hatchday recently and we are very close. I understand her very well now and pretty much all severe biting and behavioral problems have subsided with age. She recently had a yearly...
  3. pearlthegoffin

    Blood in poop? HELP.

    Hi Guys! I’m new to the forum myself. But I’ve been going on here since I’ve adopted my 23 y/o Goffins Cockatoo Pearl, I’ve had her since December 2021. I’ve noticed today that she hassome abnormal droppings, last week I saw them as well but it went back to her standard green/dark green color…...
  4. G

    Possibly sick or injured conure?

    Hello! I have a green cheek conure that is about 9 years old and has been perfectly healthy for a long time. Earlier today I took him out of his cage and noticed a small bald spot under his beak with dried blood. I can't tell if the area is swollen or inflamed but I have noticed that he keeps...
  5. M

    Blood in stool after laying egg

    Hey guys, I'm new to the site so first of all just wanted to say hi! I have a 10 month old female lovebird that just laid an infertile egg yesterday. I took away her nest, and she seems to be doing fine. She's eating and drinking normally and even comes out of the cage to play. However, today...
  6. R

    Aggressive biting yellow-bib lorikeet

    Hi all, This is my first post and probably a topic heard quite a bit. I have a male yellow bibbed lorikeet who hatched Apr 11 2018. When he was young, he was very playful and did not bite at all, at least nothing that hurt. I was always gentle, and I would say little phrases like “I got you”...
  7. Violet_Diva

    Molting Feathers - Blood On Tips - Is This Normal ???

    At the moment, Dexter is molting some big feathers. Should I be concerned if a freshly fallen feather has a smidge of blood at the tip or is this normal?
  8. I

    Question on DNA sexing by mail

    Hey there ! I recently discovered you can sex a parrot by mail and pay $20 instead of the $100 at the vet's office. I got very excited and wanted to know what Kermit was... not only for my own curiosity (i.e. he will be a Kermi if a female XD), but in case he's a female, I'd like to be aware...
  9. O

    Blood Vessel exposed on wing

    My green cheek had a broken blood feather on his outer most primary flight feather which I pulled and looked as though the second one was bleeding as well. It turns out that only the first one was actually bleeding, but both were pulled. The non-broken, but now pulled blood feather had a blood...