brown headed parrot

  1. MerlinLouRic

    Backpack for a brown-headed parrot

    We want to start taking walks with Merlin to get him used to being outdoors with us. In a couple of years, we want to buy an RV and travel across Canada with Merlin. I have read a lot of info on the Web and on this forum, I am pretty much decided on getting a Pack-O-Bird but I have no idea which...
  2. I

    Brown Headed Parrot Diet

    Hi all, So I have finally found a beautiful baby girl brown headed parrot that I have placed a deposit on. She is located in my home town, and I will be visiting her this weekend. She will be ready to take home in about 2-3 weeks, so I am preparing for the rest of our lives together! I have...
  3. K

    Biting Brown Headed Parrot, 15 months old

    Please help! We have a young BHP, he/she is approximately 15 months and we've had her for close to 9 months. She started out sweet, but not overly affectionate, and recently she's been MEAN and biting the heck out of me, literally lunging at me while doing my makeup and biting to hurt, leaving...
  4. S

    Brown head male versus female, younger versus older

    Hi everyone. I had a Caique until about 7 months ago (died unexpectedly....). Decided to go with a Poi since they are of a similar size but quieter. I have zeroed in on the brown headed parrot. I have seen 2 recently: a male and a female. Both are about 8-9 months old. My questions are: 1. Is...
  5. H

    Didn't get Meyer's got Brown Headed! :D

    Ok guys.... so.... this is gunna seem out of nowhere but I've actually been struggling with this for a few weeks and finally made my decision! I went and interacted with a Brown Headed parrot a few weeks ago, young, about 11 months old at a local pet store. He had been there for months and all...