cage covers

  1. Ezekiell

    Homemade cage cover

    Just wanted to share the cage cover I made. It’s held to the top bar with snap clip tags, the front ties together, and the pleats allow good airflow through the bottom. Plus I can leave the back clipped on and just unclip the sides and pull the top catch tray out for during the day.
  2. H

    Cage cover

    Probably the worst stitching ever but considering I never do textile projects I think it turned out ok =) Plus saved myself £50 on buying a cover :smile049:
  3. reeisconfused

    Sleep problems

    Hello! Max got upgraded to a new cage two weeks ago and he’s LOVING it. I’ve added lots of new toys and perches. Max still doesn’t understand toys yet but he LOVES shredding stuff down. I had sort of made him a sort of pot big enough for him to sleep in because he freaks out if I cover his...
  4. mwright1972

    New Cage - Now need a cover to fit - Please help

    Marley got a new cage yesterday. And I am having trouble finding a cover to fit it. You would think if they sell the cage they would sell a cover... but nope. Anyone know where I can get one or someone that makes and sells them to order? Cage is 61818 HQ Large Parrot Aviary Cage Trying to...
  5. U2Chloe

    Cage cover vs curtains?

    I have a 15 year old female umbrella cockatoo, Chloe. Chloe's cage is in an upstairs room with gauzy curtains on the windows. I don't have a sleeping cage or a cage cover for her, and that's mostly because of my weird work schedule. I work nights so I leave the house at 4pm and get home just...