New Cage - Now need a cover to fit - Please help


May 28, 2014
East Texas
Bob - Umbrella Coockatoo
Marley-Sun Conure
Marley got a new cage yesterday. And I am having trouble finding a cover to fit it. You would think if they sell the cage they would sell a cover... but nope.
Anyone know where I can get one or someone that makes and sells them to order?

Cage is 61818 HQ Large Parrot Aviary Cage

Trying to attach pic.:confused:


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Very nice cage! I'm not sure I would try to cover a cage that big, especially since it has a solid top. If you really need to cover it, you could use an extra large sheet or thin curtains.
I saw the coolest idea about installing hospital-type curtains on a rail on the ceiling to cover big cages. I'm planning to do something like that once I get my macaw cage in and am sure where everything is going.
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That is a great idea. I might be able to attach a rod to surround the outside at the top and just slide it back and forth.
I will let you know.
I don't have that cage, but I go to a fabric store and get yards of fabric and just use clips to hold it on the cage bars. I have seasonal covers :)
There's always the option of buying a sheet and using a fold-over technique to keep a magnet at the top level, that way it would stick to the top and cover everything without being too much of a hassle. I was going to do that for my Ringneck's cage, but haven't gotten around to it yet
A sheet or curtain around the top is a good idea. I'm not surprised they don't make a cover since it's more of an "aviary" style cage instead of a classic "parrot cage".

My vet says they don't need to be covered, but I say they do if you (I) don't want to be awakened as soon as it gets light lol. My birds don't scream thankfully, but they do talk and mumble and make constant low level muttering sounds in the morning.
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My vet says it isn't necessary to cover either... but Marley disagrees.
When she is ready for bed she goes and gets in her chube. If I don't cover her pretty quickly she will start to scream at me. She likes being covered. I think it makes her feel protected. I don't mind at all, it's a small thing to do if it brings her comfort.

Thanks for all the great ideas you guys.
these would work I was going to try for my double macaw cage 80x40
[ame=] - 500cm (196") Plastic Curtain Track, Strong, Bendable Track, for Bay Windows & Straight Windows, Pieces for 3 Tracks. Special Offer Free "How to Fit Guide" Included By Curtains2bedding ® -[/ame]
I sew and would cheerfully make you a custom cover, only I'm in Australia and the cost of postage back and forth would be ridiculous. If I were you, I'd go to a fabric shop or curtain shop and get hold of some suède-backed or rubber-backed curtain fabric.

You want enough fabric to go around the circumference of the cage and drop as far down as you want your bird to be covered. Work out those measurements and add about six inches to each one. Give them to the person at the fabric shop and they'll work out the yardage for you.

All you need is to get someone to make the fabric into one huge curtain with a hem at the top and the bottom. That would only entail joining (perhaps) two pieces and then putting a hem at the top and another at the bottom. It's not outside the skill of a very basic sewist.

How you attach it is up to you. You could use neodymium magnets to hold it to the cage. You could thread strong elastic bungee cord or light rope through the upper hem to form a drawstring and then drape the curtain loosely over the cage, pulling it closely at the edges to keep out light. You could get really creative and find a small hula hoop (I'm actually thinking of the sort they use for mosquito netting). If you used curtain tape and open rings, you could thread those onto the hula hoop for a very easy-pulling cage curtain. The hoop would sit nicely on top of the cage and enable the fabric to be easily manoeuvred around to suit you and your bird.

If it were me, I'd make a paper template of the cage roof and then cut a piece of canvas to fit it. Then, I'd attach my curtaining to that so it hung in two or more panels, depending on what suited me. I'd insert a couple of large-tooth plastic zippers between the panels so I had the option of opening just one and flipping it back over the roof. Or, I could remove the whole cover on a sunny day.

Or, you could just get hold of a large sheet, custom made curtain, tarpaulin or tablecloth and drape the cage in it. :)
I hate these sheets I've been using for my cages. Time for new covers. I went to the fabric store but I was completely overwhelmed with choices to wrap around Griffin's modestly sized play top cage :52:.
Then I realized that for Robin and Raven's cages (dome top) I would need a specific shape and size which would require sewing. I don't sew, so nix the fabric store idea for two out of the three cages.

I think I'll keep Griffin's current one. He already has a 'cute' black and white small gingham patterned piece of fabric that I use as a cage wrap, (wrap the cage under the play top part, and clip at the front to hold it on).

For the two dome top cages I think I'll just go somewhere to buy cheap sheets in a nice color or print. Not too light colored... I think dark will keep them asleep longer :).
I only wrap 3 sides of the cage with fabric. The front and both sides. The back and one side are against the wall and the top is open.
Well, I guess with a dome top, they would still be able to go up in the "dome" and look out. The fabric doesn't go all the way to the bottom of my cage, so if he hears a lot of activity he will go to the bottom on his grate. That's the only time he goes down there, unless he falls...

I am in the process of making a ceiling track curtain for my large Macaw cage, I know they don't "need" them but I like to train the bird when it is bedtime (and all my birds "like" them anyway)

As I build it I will be posting pictures, the track hardware cost me about $97 shipped and I'm going for the "cheap" curtain that can be washed and scrubbed, it is going to be a black canvas cotton tarp that I add grommets to, should end up costing me about $60-$80 for the tarp and grommets, it will be 90 inches from ceiling to bottom of cage and about 11 feet around cage

So for the $200 you end up with a heavy duty cover that is very easy to pull around cage, bird can't snack on it, and a "real" custom curtain cost like $400 :eek:

The pictures will be in my baby's thread below when I get it done in the next few days
With my cage cover I bought a shower curtain from Target (couldn't get to the fabric store lol), cut it half, sewed it together, attached metal snaps so it snaps to itself around the top bar on Chili's cage

I like the large bird cage covers from Drs Fosters and Smith. They are looks, big and washable. I've used them for years

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