1. Thehuffle

    Cockatiel egg not hatched after a few days since due.

    We previously had 4 cockatiel eggs from our cockatiel breeding pair. We incubated them for 20-27 days (none of them lived) Our female had laid one random egg a few weeks ago, we put the cockatiel egg in the incubator straight away. We candled him a fair amount of times he was happy and growing...
  2. Zenitsu


    I have a Cockatiel, and I’m thinking about clipping his wings by a vet. I’m honestly worried if it’ll make him depressed or anxious. He usually doesn’t fly, but he dislikes any type of touching but doesn’t mind getting on my arm or head. Despite the training I have tried he dislikes and...
  3. A

    A cockatile mises his abuse Rosella's friends.

    Hello! I have a 7-year-old male cockatiel named Tom. I also have two rosellas, male and female. They never had any fights. I'd say they had no hard feelings for each other, even in the spring. At first, I had two cages, but Tome would only get in Rosella's cage and only get in his cage to eat...
  4. Dozi

    Hatchin' and Growin' !

    Hey all! I'm new to this forums, but I wanted a place to document the progression of my Cockatiel's first clutch (and to ask for help where I need it!) I've wanted baby cockatiels for a long time, although I never planned for it to happen this early in my life so it was a bit of a shock when I...
  5. Banana_Bird

    My bird laid eggs, what know ?

    So my cockatiel ponyo laid about 5 eggs , it has been over 3 weeks,my second bird turned out to be a male cockatiel, so I changed his name from peach to bowser,thankfully the eggs are all infertile . My two birds haven’t lost interest in the eggs at all, bowser sits on the eggs all day, until...
  6. Miu the cockatiel!

    Miu the cockatiel!

    She’s a young playful female cockatiel!
  7. Ozzys

    Urgent help! Bad feather plucking!

    I’m still in shock, my friend sent me a picture of his cockatiel, i was in utter shock i couldn’t believe it. His cockatiel has completely plucked his feather NECK DOWN. i told him to go to a vet ASAP he said he doesn’t want to waste money on an animal!!! i’m so mad why get a pet if you can’t...
  8. Ozzys

    Beak molting/shedding???

    hi, i have a 3/4 months old normal grey cockatiel. i noticed that his beak is shedding? i don’t know if he’s molting early or if it’s normal for their beak to “shed” it’s just very flaky and it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. maybe just me. i don’t know but if it’s something serious please...
  9. Ozzys

    male or female? (3 months old cockatiel)

    hello everyone! im a 17-year-old girl, i recently adopted a 1 month old cockatiel and been hand-feeding "it" ever since he was at that age. Ozzy, my baby cockatiel is now 3 months old, and im dying to know "its" gender. i have posted a video on youtube of him singing. or so i think thats what...
  10. L

    How should I care for my parrot while at school

    I am soon getting a cockatiel as a first time owner and I have gotten a lot of reasearch but I still haven’t found out how to take care of it while at school. I know that I need to entertain the bird with toys and different things. But do I need to do something special in the morning? Any advice...
  11. journeyman

    Help me please!! Taming.

    Hello this is my first post on this forum. I need help with taming my birds. Ive got 3 birds, Cockatiel, budgie and rosella. I got them back in 2011. The problem is, now is 2016 and i havent made any contact with them, they are wild, i just refill them water and food every day thats it. I...