1. Dozi

    Hatchin' and Growin' !

    Hey all! I'm new to this forums, but I wanted a place to document the progression of my Cockatiel's first clutch (and to ask for help where I need it!) I've wanted baby cockatiels for a long time, although I never planned for it to happen this early in my life so it was a bit of a shock when I...
  2. Banana_Bird

    My bird laid eggs, what know ?

    So my cockatiel ponyo laid about 5 eggs , it has been over 3 weeks,my second bird turned out to be a male cockatiel, so I changed his name from peach to bowser,thankfully the eggs are all infertile . My two birds haven’t lost interest in the eggs at all, bowser sits on the eggs all day, until...
  3. Miu the cockatiel!

    Miu the cockatiel!

    She’s a young playful female cockatiel!
  4. Ozzys

    Urgent help! Bad feather plucking!

    I’m still in shock, my friend sent me a picture of his cockatiel, i was in utter shock i couldn’t believe it. His cockatiel has completely plucked his feather NECK DOWN. i told him to go to a vet ASAP he said he doesn’t want to waste money on an animal!!! i’m so mad why get a pet if you can’t...
  5. Ozzys

    Beak molting/shedding???

    hi, i have a 3/4 months old normal grey cockatiel. i noticed that his beak is shedding? i don’t know if he’s molting early or if it’s normal for their beak to “shed” it’s just very flaky and it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. maybe just me. i don’t know but if it’s something serious please...
  6. Ozzys

    male or female? (3 months old cockatiel)

    hello everyone! im a 17-year-old girl, i recently adopted a 1 month old cockatiel and been hand-feeding "it" ever since he was at that age. Ozzy, my baby cockatiel is now 3 months old, and im dying to know "its" gender. i have posted a video on youtube of him singing. or so i think thats what...
  7. L

    How should I care for my parrot while at school

    I am soon getting a cockatiel as a first time owner and I have gotten a lot of reasearch but I still haven’t found out how to take care of it while at school. I know that I need to entertain the bird with toys and different things. But do I need to do something special in the morning? Any advice...
  8. journeyman

    Help me please!! Taming.

    Hello this is my first post on this forum. I need help with taming my birds. Ive got 3 birds, Cockatiel, budgie and rosella. I got them back in 2011. The problem is, now is 2016 and i havent made any contact with them, they are wild, i just refill them water and food every day thats it. I...