1. E

    Arts and Crafts

    I know conures are very respiratory sensitive. But how sensitive? There’s this craft trend that involves papier-mâché. Can I use elmers glue around conures? Or even mod podge? Obviously wouldn’t be up close and personal but still same room?
  2. Rayneandpepper

    Sick ringneck?

    Hello, today I bought a green Indian ringneck and moved her into my room. She seems rather sick, drooping her head and moving slow. She’s only a few months old. I also noticed she has this strange spot on her beak, I’ll attach an image if anyone knows what it is. Is this a cause for concern? I’m...
  3. R

    Congo african grey refuses pellets.

    Hi everyone! I have a question regarding pellets I have a 23 year old congo african grey. I feed him fruits,nuts and vegetables as well as legumes. I saw a while ago that pellets are a must in parrots diet but the thing is.. throughout his life he was never interested in pellets. We had other...
  4. L

    Male pineapple conures frighten when showering

    Hi all, I’ve grown up with parakeets cockatiels and finches and this is my first time with pineapple conures. The oldest is 1 year the youngest is almost 9 months both are DNA tested both males. Lately what has been happening is the youngest will shower and the older one will try to go next and...
  5. awfulwarlock

    Lovebird health questions

    hello, new here got some questions about the health of my two lovebirds; any help would be appreciated my main concern today is with my male lovebird, Rio.. he seemed a little lethargic and fluffed up inside of his cone earlier today and the both of them are usually quite hypo lol i decided...