congo african grey

  1. threat2society

    Odd feather.

    I was helping my 8 month old CAG with her pin feathers and i noticed some feathers that are almost out, but they look weird. Is it normal for them to look like this? they only look like this on her lower neck and back, right below her beak - the feathers look healthy and fine.
  2. threat2society

    CAG acting weird?

    hi guys. in need of help again... my CAG keeps doing this weird thing where she starts panting and pacing around (I'll attach a video). she's definetly not hormonal since she's just 6 months old. i have no idea what's causing this because it just happens randomly. she does this several times a...
  3. C

    Can I Feed My Parrot Chicken Feed?

    I started a flock of chickens this year (they are outside, Misty is inside) and discovered that their Dumor Layer-Mix Granules is almost EXACTLY the same as the Zoopreme parrot pellets, and the Dumor Organic line of chicken feed is an even CLOSER match!! the only ingredients Zoopreme has that...
  4. R

    New CAG - best gender

    Hello, I have a question about which gender of CAG would be better to get. We currently have a female at home and we want to buy another one. But I dont know if we should get another female because I read that they could get territorial and fight ( They will have their own cage next to each...
  5. P

    Average healthy weight for Congo African Grey?

    Hi all, Bobby attended his first visit at the vets today. It went surprisingly better than I could have ever expected. He’s not towel trained but was extremely non-plussed about being wrapped up and even chatted away whilst bundled up like a burrito, despite his 12 years of seed diet and cage...
  6. P

    Update on Bobby

    Hi all, I’ve had Bobby the Congo African grey for about 10 days now so thought I’d update on how he’s doing. All in all, he’s actually been doing wonders. He seems happy to see and interact with me, and every morning he joins me for some breakfast fruit. He’s very gentle about accepting treats...
  7. C

    Congo African Grey in Massachusetts

    Please disregard
  8. R

    Congo african grey refuses pellets.

    Hi everyone! I have a question regarding pellets I have a 23 year old congo african grey. I feed him fruits,nuts and vegetables as well as legumes. I saw a while ago that pellets are a must in parrots diet but the thing is.. throughout his life he was never interested in pellets. We had other...
  9. SamBeben

    Exercising and things to watch

    Hey all! I have a 13 year old Congo and she was clipped a couple years ago before we got her. They did a horrible job and it has taken forever to grow back. Now, it doesn't seem like she has the confidence to fly or the strength. How should we exercise her so she can attempt to start flying...
  10. Z

    Would I be able to give a Congo Grey a good life?

    Ever since I was a kid, I've wanted a scarlet macaw. And throughout my life I've learned that a green wing macaw would probably be a better choice due to their temperament. Then I went to considering a harlequin macaw and even possibly a hyacinth macaw. And I've basically been set my entire life...
  11. sherryanne1961

    One legged CAG; new member

    Thank you for allowing me to register with this site. I am a new CAG Mom. Our Miss Peggy is a one legged lady. She is six years old and settling in nicely. I am a sah wife and Mom to two 13 year old long haired dachshunds, I live in Maine and am very interested in any tips that can help me...
  12. M

    Congo african grey

    I need help, I have been looking and looking for any tame non abused CAG to adopt. I would love to have a baby, I really don't even care. I am married and have been married for 21 yrs. I am a mom with 4 kids, 2 in college and 2 in high school. No one has time for me anymore, so now I want to...
  13. I

    New CAG Chicks

    i have bought two :grey: chicks a week back will update with the pics of them later on one of them is 29 days old now as far as the breeder says and second one is around 35-40 days old
  14. Anniele27

    Cage Help?

    I have a 7 month old congo african grey named Ava. Her parents were both wild caught and fairly large and at 4 months old when we got her she was already almost double the size of the congos in the other clutch ( they were hatched only days after her) and she was about the same size as the some...
  15. Anniele27

    Help! 7 m/o congo lost wing feather!

    I have a 7 month old female congo african grey parrot named Ava. i got her about 3 months ago from a breeder. When i got her, her wings were already clipped, 5 feathers on each side because they said they did 3 at first and she still flew too well. on top of her cage is a big orb hung from the...
  16. K

    Congo Grey started featherpicking above his tail.

    Congo Grey started featherpicking above his tail. [closed/update] His name is Jacob and I've had him since September 2012. A while back, he was over-preening his tummy but it resolved when I introduced a humidifier and gave him stricter covered 12-hour day/night cycles. Aside from that...
  17. M

    Best cage for CAG?

    I brought Tamara (a CAG) from a couple who are moving and no longer have the space for her, the cage she is in is far to small and terribly made. All the doors are easy to open and none seem to have any locking devises except the cable ties they have been using. Was just wondering if anyone can...
  18. M

    Red light.

    I'm buying a CAG today and planned to set the cage up in my "animal room" which already has crested geckos, bearded dragons, mice and rats set up in there. My bearded dragon has to have a night bulb on to keep there enclosure warm during the night, I was just wondering if anyone knew if the red...
  19. M

    Mixed seed, stable diet?

    Is a bag of mixed seed good for a stable diet for a CAG? (Mixed seed meaning- sunflower seeds in shell, peanuts in shell, dried peppers, dried banana slices, dried corn, and a few others) cheers.
  20. O


    How can I teach my CAG to let me hold his wings for trimming and maybe tickle his under wing? He still feels insecure when I stroke his back :( although he LOVES me. He knows how to wave, lets me scratch his head and loves to play touch with my finger. He won't get on my shoulders for some...