1. threat2society

    CAG keeps asking for food

    i have a 5 month old CAG and everytime i give her breakfast or dinner she doesn't eat it all and comes flying to me begging for food. i try taking her back to her bowl, but she just comes to me again. I'll attach a video.
  2. A

    A strange sound.

    Hello every one and thank you in advance. I have three questions: 1- in one of the videos you can hear a sound he/she is making from her/his nose. i want to know the meaning of is something i should worry about? is it hormonal thing developed toward me because he/she starts doing this sound...
  3. scienceguy

    Congo African Grey Wanted

    Hey there, fellow parrot enthusiasts! I'm new to this forum, but I have a favor I would like to put out there. I have been wanting an African Grey as a companion pet for a few years, but I have been holding off on the idea because my work schedule doesn't allow me to provide the necessary time...
  4. A

    African grey feather problem :(

    My African grey has been over preening and I find a lot of down like feathers on the floor (not big ones). Her feathers look droopy and she’s constantly itching herself and looks uncomfortable when itching. I think she may have mites as the vet said that she’s completely healthy. I doubt it’s a...
  5. R

    Crazy Lucy... HELP!

    My sweet Congo has decided that she DOES NOT want me to touch her. Everyone else in the family has no problem. When i"m assisting her (i.e. giving her food, lifting her off the floor and over to her play tree, giving toys) she takes them. But the second I go to give her pets she lunges and bits...
  6. S

    Teaching a congo to step up, help!

    Hello I have a female congo who is around 3 years old, I've tried to train her with a stick but it frightens her :( and if I use my hand she just ignores it? what should I do??
  7. Kelsih11

    African grey

    I am looking for some African grey breeders in California. I have found a few that I have gotten touch with but am looking for others because they have turned out to be false breeders. Does anyone have any babies as of now? Very interested.
  8. W

    Wanting to get a Congo

    Hello! My first post on these forums and wanting to get a Congo. First, how much attention would they need? I have a job where I work 8 hours a day. Sometimes, I would work 12 hour shifts during the year. I would not want to get a Congo and not be able to be there for it. Second, any special...
  9. Lullx

    Help with a Cargo Net for Congo Grey

    Hey! So I'm bringing home a baby congo african grey this summer, and I really want a cargo net that he and my other monsters can climb and play on. I have two conures and a cockatiel, as well as three budgies (but I don't see the budgies using this). I really like to make things myself when...
  10. Lullx

    I'm bringing home a baby this summer. Help me plan?

    For several months now, I've been seriously contemplating which species of parrot to get as my final flock member (I have a flock of 6 small birds currently). After much deliberation, I've decided that an African Grey is the perfect fit for my flock and my lifestyle. I've looked into rescuing an...
  11. C

    Needy African Grey

    Good day all, My girlfriend and I bought an African Grey one year ago. She started off a bit reluctant and quiet so we warmed up to her and then her personality began to show. The problem we face now is the fact she is extremely needy. We have another parrot as well who does just fine on their...
  12. V

    18 y/o African grey HATES baths, hasnt had one in more than 10 years

    (BACKGROUND) First, Ive had Harley all my life and my mother was not prepared for the consequences of raising a parrot and me at the same time. Harley was the nicest bird in the world...until i was born, he grew hate for my mom neglecting him and he attacked me many times...flying across the...
  13. K

    Why is this happening

    I brought home my baby african grey last week she is 14 weeks The lady told me so long as she is handled by its of ppl she will remain friendly. However the first few days she was fine anyone could hold her now however she bites them not really hard but enough and she doesn't like anyone but me...
  14. Odin Making Loveyface

    Odin Making Loveyface

  15. I

    CAG or Macaw

    Okay, so I came to the conclusion of wanting a CAG or B&G. I did extensive research, 3 weeks worth, and I love them both! Of course, I'm going to gain as much bird experience as a can (more birds :) ) then move on into the large birds, have all the requirements so they can have an amazing life...
  16. S

    Just got a Timneh African Grey, have some questions.

    Really simple questions and curiosity stuff... First Question: that I am wondering if she will grab food with her foot in the future. She is about 4 months old and I haven't seen her do it yet. She will just let the food drop after a few bites. Even if she loves the food. Second...
  17. M

    Red light.

    I'm buying a CAG today and planned to set the cage up in my "animal room" which already has crested geckos, bearded dragons, mice and rats set up in there. My bearded dragon has to have a night bulb on to keep there enclosure warm during the night, I was just wondering if anyone knew if the red...
  18. O

    Training more confidence

    How can I teach my CAG to let me hold his wings for trimming and maybe tickle his under wing? He still feels insecure when I stroke his back although he LOVES me. He knows how to wave, lets me scratch his head and loves to play touch with my finger. He won't get on my shoulders for some reason...
  19. J

    Fell in Love!!!

    I have been talking to a breeder in Texas about getting a CAG that I would not have for about another year. I figured this year would give me time to make the decision as to whether I really wanted to the CAG with my life style. It is something I still intend on doing in taking my time with this...
  20. Shyfire's Babies

    Shyfire's Babies

    My 2 congos I saved rom a life of no proper nutrition and no one with them ever. They were in ruff shape but now I filled them with love and good food and we each trust each other totally.