conure diet

  1. cosmothebirb

    Eddie won't eat pellets

    Hi I've tried giving him pellets for 2 days now. This morning he started screaming at 6am and I gave him food, he ignored it and kept screaming. Later my mom told me that he kept going for the fridge door bc that's where his veggies are. So I felt sorry and gave him the veggies and I mixed it...
  2. marsvv

    How to improve my conures diet?

    Hi so I have a well I believe 1 year old conure, (we don’t know the exact age) and her diet is mostly just a mix of seeds and a bit of pellets. And I want to make sure I could give her a better diet. Using vegetables fruits etc. I really need help and any recommendations are fine!
  3. cosmothebirb

    GCC avoiding veggies in bird chop

    Hi. I recently noticed that Cosmo is avoiding veggies. I put cucumber, carrots, bell peppers and spinach in his food and I add some quinoa, rice and lentils. When I serve it to him I sprinkle it with some oats and chia seeds. He likes veggies and he doesn't reject them, but recently he only...
  4. SleepyLuca

    Am I a bad bird owner?

    This is kind of a vent but I am looking for help if anybody has advice :’) First of all, I of course love my boy with everything I have. He’s my almost three year old sun/dusky headed conure. We hatched and raised him ourselves (that being me and my mom) in 2020 and we have an extremely close...
  5. Raz

    Diet questions!

    I’ve got two jenday conures, can someone give me exact diets for them so they can stay healthy that includes seeds? Along with timing? I usually just leave a tray full of seeds , nuts and dried fruits in their cage whenever they’re hungry and they eat it.
  6. Raz

    Any diets for jenday conures?

    I’ve got two adult jenday conures! I want to make sure to give them a healthy diet that incorporates seeds as well. I know they like apples, but only without the skin and only a few bites. Can someone help me with a full diet and how to prepare it?