1. Featherii_Fids

    Looking for an easy Lovebird chop recipe!

    Greetings Paronts! I recently have Wondered about a good chop recipe for The budgies and Sassy Lovebird. I usually give them chop everyday at evening (As I come back from school at the time and I am free, And I also have my mom's support on making the chop). They are On a pelleted diet, And...
  2. ulnessity

    suddenly throwing all of her chop out of her bowl?

    Hi, I’m looking for a bit of advice/suggestions! recently, my ringneck has started to fling and rake her chop out of her bowl. she doesn’t do this with her pellets, and she never did this with her chop up until recently, she would even eat the most and all of it out of my whole flock. I’ve...
  3. Y

    Need bird tips

    Hello my name is Yak, and I've had a green cheeked conure :rainbow1: for quite some time now, she is 2 years old now and everything I've ever dreamed of! I love her so much. However, the bird breeder I got her from said she can eat primarily seeds until I found out online this is a horrible diet...
  4. S

    Depressed / Sad African Ringneck ?? Pellet transition help

    I was recently given a female African Ringneck by a neighbor who was moving (old owners thought she was a male Indian Ringneck, no big deal) They clearly knew nothing about caring for her, she was on an all seed diet, never given fruits or veggies. Her previous cage was very tiny and only had...
  5. Gemster

    Diet change (diarrhoea)

    Hi, I have changed my caique’s diet from an all seed diet to vegetables in the morning and pellets in the evening. For a few days now she has diarrhoea till she has pellets, i think it is because of the sudden change of diet but it has been going on for a while. On one day I only gave her...