Looking for an easy Lovebird chop recipe!


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Jan 15, 2022
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Greetings Paronts!

I recently have Wondered about a good chop recipe for The budgies and Sassy Lovebird. I usually give them chop everyday at evening (As I come back from school at the time and I am free, And I also have my mom's support on making the chop).

They are On a pelleted diet, And there's usually fresh coriander for them to chew on, Once or twice in a week. As my Trio usually spends time outside the cage, They also like to be naughty birds and chew their way through treat boxes and eat them (Snowii being the one using her strong beak for drilling thru the box, then followed by yuko and luna ecouraging her. And then they eat, This only happens whenever I forget to hide the treat box.). I sometimes give them a little spinach to compensate all this fat. And back to the subject of chop, here are the ingredients to the one I usually give them:

Carrot (Slightly puree'd with a thick consistency as the three prefer it this way.)
Cucumber (only added sometimes due to its water content.)
Moong bean sprouts
Blueberry juice (Only 10 ml added into 2 tbsp of chop as it is acidic, And Added only a little because snowii dislikes sour things.)
Apple (Added Occasionally)
Cauli flower
Mini Red bell peppers
Powdered Sunflower seeds to season this, because snowii Sometimes will just not touch it.

(All of it except carrot is cut finely into small peices, in a way it Is easy for budgie And Lovebird Beaks to chew.)

My birds are also free-flighted, They have a whole bedroom (Known as the bird room) to themselves. They are let out for the whole day at sunday and saturday, And let out for 2 hours During The rest of the days, so they get plenty of exercise time. Specifically snowii as she will roam the whole Apartment on wings whenever she gets the chance-

I would like your guys' Opinions on the chop I make, and Some recipes for Lovebirds and Budgerigars.

Thank you for reading!



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May 9, 2022
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