1. Quetki

    Aggressive lovebird

    I have a crippled lovebird and it hates hands. It only takes treats from hands and even then will try to bite you sometimes. Does anyone know how I can tame it? I also have a Conure and am too scared to see if it'll bite it. They were chatting but when I got him closer to the cage he started...
  2. A

    Ringneck won't land

    Hi! I have a 4 month old Indian ringneck parakeet named Rhino. We've only had him a few days. When he's flown about he doesn't land anywhere. He flies until he lands on the ground. I'm worried it's because eof his feet. He has a deformed foot. He can climb in his cage get himself balanced o...
  3. B

    Encouraging disabled bird to be more active

    I don't post here much, but I'd thought I'd give it a shot. I have a special needs parrot named Java. He is missing a leg, and his remaining leg has severe tendon entrapment, leaving him with very limited mobility. He cannot extend his leg or use his smaller back toe at all. I've had him for 9...
  4. makana

    It's a broken leg! D: Advice? Anecdotes?

    Dear Parrot Forums, I've lurked a long time but never signed up til now - Forgive me, and please help me out if you can! Long story short: an incompetent vet (Vet #1) broke our poor green cheek's leg. (I'm furious and may share details later, but I'm right now very concerned and focused on...
  5. Mayden

    RIP Annabelle 19/07/2011-11/05/2013

    Annabelle (Annie) Gisicki-Goacher was born around the 19th July 2011. We brought her home around 8 weeks after that. She was a little "blue/grey" dutch bun. We got her from Pets At Home in Leigh (UK). Andrew wanted the black and white dutch bun at first, but I was besotted with this little girl...