1. Quetki

    Aggressive lovebird

    I have a crippled lovebird and it hates hands. It only takes treats from hands and even then will try to bite you sometimes. Does anyone know how I can tame it? I also have a Conure and am too scared to see if it'll bite it. They were chatting but when I got him closer to the cage he started...
  2. Luffbox

    Is she ill, aged or mentally disabled?

    I have an older Lutino lovebird that came from a neglectful home. I adopted her in 2008 from a home that had her for four years, and they got her from a friend that had her for around the same amount of time. When I got her to the avian vets she had liver and kidney damage, weak beak, splay...
  3. P

    Hola from Costa Rica

    Hello everyone, I have lived here for more than 6 years(moved from Hawaii with 6 birds), it is a great place. I am a small breeder with 3 breeding pairs. My problem is that I have a 2 year old blue and gold that had been bitten/stung by an insect(scorpion, centipede, or spider) on the head when...