double yellow head amazon

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    Planning on buying a large Parrot. Which of these would be the best?

    Hello! I have been doing research for the past few months on various types of Parrots and I'm having trouble deciding which one I'd like to buy. I originally wanted an Eclectus, but I ruled that out after finding other species that I liked more. Then I considered an Amazon Parrot. I was the...
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    Feather growing on foot

    Anyone ever heard of a feather growing on a double yellow heads foot? That's what's going on with mine. It's on top of the right foot. It's very small and it's all yellow. Any insight would be helpful. Thank you!
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    Help with my 16 year old male, DYH! - LONG

    I know this is probably one of a million similar threads. I'm just so heartbroken and confused about what I should be doing to make sure my bird is happy. It's long, I apologize! I've probably been too thorough. I'd love to hear from anyone with experience! Medeia and Abe...
  4. Popeye


    Popeye is our DYH Amazon. He is a real sweet heart! He loves to sing!