1. K

    New ringneck inquiry

    Hi, I bought a new 5 month old ringneck parrot and she was very scared when we got her. I bought her from a pet shop who told me that she did not have human contact and thus might be afraid but he said she was semi-tame. I think she was in a poor condition in regards to cage space and...
  2. Quetki


    I made some chop yesterday for my Conure. I got him 5 days ago and he's been really happy and enjoying his life so far, but he's not eating his chop. It has apples, spinach, pumpkin, sweet peppers, broccoli, sweet peas, pineapple, carrots, and stuff. The most he does is lick it and spit it out...
  3. Parotteer

    Chico tests which nuts he likes best

    Chico has been with me for about a month now and I'm still looking for that, one treat to rule them all. Which I can then use to reward him with. And ... because it's just fun watching him eat ;-)
  4. 20211013_235439.jpg


    When mom catches you getting mango-faced. "Whatcha doin'?"
  5. Ezekiell

    Eating during the day

    Does anyone’s caique have days where they pig out on all the food provided to the extent that the next day they don’t really want to eat? This week Māui pigged out on literally everything I left for him during the day (I work) so I came home one day to find he’d demolished everything left in...
  6. generalgibby

    How does your bird prefer fruits!?

    Whole, mashed, chopped, sliced?! How dose your bird like to eat them!? Or maybe they prefer veggies?! Share your birds fruit/veggie story’s, asking this for fun! :D My little guy likes to suck out the juice a prices of fruit, then flick off the pulp across the room and get another bite. The...
  7. L

    Trouble with BFA eating chop

    Hii, I have recently started with chop for my amazon due to lack of time and the posibility of freezing it. However, Ellie refuses to eat most of it. I chopped the veggies and fruits really small, even for her, but she still picks them. Above all, she loves the Quinoa -I made it with an...
  8. L

    Babies won't take formula

    I feel like I've made a rookie mistake and need urgent help! I have had an aviary of lovebirds for some time, but have tried hand rearing for the first time this year. In spring I took 1 baby at about 3 weeks old and he has flourished! It took him around 24-36 hours to get the hang of the...
  9. A

    I think I found the trick to Lily eating pellets...

    Ok those who know me from the conure forum, you know my aggravation at how hard I’ve been trying to get Lily and Snowball onto pellets. I always knew the trick to getting Snowball eating his pellets would be getting Lily onto pellets first. Anything she eats, Snowball has to go to that same food...
  10. A

    HELP! Parakeets completely eating all their paper &yucca chip wood toy?!?!

    So I have two parakeets (female and male) and I made some homemade toys for them. One of them had a waffle ball stuffed with shredded paper and another one had an individual yucca chip that I bought from a pack on amazon. They liked it right away but the next morning I noticed that the ball had...
  11. Violet_Diva

    Chewing Or Eating Wood - Should I Be Worried ?

    A while ago I got a 'party swinger hanging parrot toy'. Bella loves playing with it - clmbing, swinging, biting etc. She makes a kind of 'raspy honk growl' at it too! A few of the wooden blocks were chewed and fell through the grate at the bottom of her cage. When removing them I found no...
  12. PockyMommy

    CAG wont eat pellets or seeds

    So I'm having trouble I guess weaning the CAG I got back in early June. You can find the info here old thread Now he's able to eat solid food. He'll eat the cereal mix that the bird store sells and he eats nuts and fruit at times. He won't eat his pellets and won't eat his seeds. I would...
  13. veimar

    Baby budgies not eating - quick help needed!!

    Hi, I got two very young 1,5 mo old budgies today and just brought them home and put in their cage. They are not tame and are unclipped. They are very scared of me and are not eating or drinking. It makes me very worried. The breeder said they are fully weaned and were eating normal parakeet...
  14. Nubs


    My ancient cockatiel wishing I would leave him alone to eat his breakfast.
  15. M

    100% pellet diet?

    Kito, my 2year peach faced lutino lovebird diet is 100% only pellets. He doesn't eat fruits or vegetable.. Is this safe? Please i love Kito and need help! Can i add vitamins in water?
  16. parabellumfoto

    Wild Rainbow Lorikeet Eating Nectar

    Hello Everybody, I'm a photographer and I thought I might share with you this photograph. This photograph was taken two days ago at a public park in inner west Sydney. The Rainbow Lorikeet was about a yard or so away from me. He was eating the nectar off the red Bottlebrush. If you look...
  17. Peppers And Feathers

    Peppers And Feathers

    I love this pic. Cinnamon eating a pepper and Cheeky taste testing Cinnamon
  18. Peppers And Feathers

    Peppers And Feathers

    I love this pic. Cinnamon eating a pepper and Cheeky taste testing Cinnamon
  19. Cinnamon The Pasta Monsta

    Cinnamon The Pasta Monsta

    My birds love ALL kinds of foods!, they love pasta...spaghetti, maccaroni, penne, we usually eat whole wheat OR brown rice pasta...doesn't matter. ..These girls love it all.
  20. WannaBeAParrot

    What About Eating Food Cooked in Teflon / Non-Stick Pan?

    I meant to post this here and don't know how to move it. I am well aware of the dangers and horrible consequences of toxic fumes from Teflon and similar non-stick surfaces...