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  1. Jupiter1914

    Excessively beak grinding

    I’ve looked up online that birds usually grind their beaks when they are content or sleepy. However my eckie Kirby has been doing it quite a bit these past few days. Even around times where he should be fully awake. I’m wondering if he is getting any sleep. Plus he always looks fluffed up and...
  2. Jupiter1914

    Ekkie seems content but won’t come out

    My ekkie Kirby is a 3-4 month old male. We very recently got him from a breeder who hand fed him but didn’t hand tame or gotten him used to human interaction. So we already knew that this was gonna take time. The first few days seemed like we were already making progress. He was climbing his...
  3. Jupiter1914

    My Eclectus is trying to fly to me

    I recently (like a few days ago) bought a 3-4 month old eclectus and have been for the past few days taking care and giving it all the attention he wants. Though I’ve been seeing that whenever I enter a room where he is in after a while, he stops what he’s doing, tries to get closer on his perch...