My Eclectus is trying to fly to me


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Jul 12, 2022
Eclectus parrot named Kirby
I recently (like a few days ago) bought a 3-4 month old eclectus and have been for the past few days taking care and giving it all the attention he wants. Though I’ve been seeing that whenever I enter a room where he is in after a while, he stops what he’s doing, tries to get closer on his perch and just launches himself in my direction but still decides to land on the floor. Then he doesn’t want to step up. He never looks afraid but rather confused and just stares at me on the floor. So I’m wondering if he is afraid of me or if he is trying to fly to me. I don’t want to assume anything as he is very new. But I just want to make sure that I’m making some progress. Please any thoughts!


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Jul 14, 2017
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I..... would lay down on the floor with a book on my stomach (if not carpeted bring a comforter). Not move so much....and read my book. And just see what happens. be as low to the ground as possible so the bird might climb up on you. If it tries to eat your book remember a book is like 7 bucks. Might also have some treats around maybe a plate of apple slices or something.

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