1. H

    Caique nibbles his own shoulder whilst playing

    Hi, Our caique sometimes nibbles his right shoulder whilst he is playing. As he does this, he makes a squabbling noise. We are wondering if this is just because he is a bit over-excited or whether there is another underlying cause such as a pain in his shoulder which is aggravating him. We have...
  2. Billdore

    Brand Spanking New

    I've been thinking about making a new addition to the family. I'm just now seriously researching which type of parrot would fit for me. I'm home a lot and have a lot of space. Money is an issue so I wondered what the monthly fees and vet bills look like. I would like to offer premium care so...
  3. happycat

    I got my kakariki!

    Okay so, I waited too long and didnt get my other kakariki (it got sold to someone else) I was really sad, but we went back and I fell in love with two more! It was really hard to pick but I finally chose and got him the 24th! He is so funny and sweet. He was scared at first on the bumpy car...