I got my kakariki!


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Mar 9, 2012
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Okay so, I waited too long and didnt get my other kakariki (it got sold to someone else) I was really sad, but we went back and I fell in love with two more! It was really hard to pick but I finally chose and got him the 24th! He is so funny and sweet. He was scared at first on the bumpy car ride but he got adjusted when he got home. Ive been calling him 'little cheek' because when we were choosing out of the two the difference in look is the cheek marking size. (we called the other 'big cheek') but we still dont know a name for him yet. Theres 4 of us to choose and none of can decide. XD
Hes been drinking out of a water bottle at the bird store and now he has a water bowl but I havent seen him drink out of it yet. Do you think he dosent know how or just wants to use his water bottle? Or have I just missed it? (hey, im not with him every second)

Hes so active but at the same time so calm. He'll be hopping and flying in the air but then i'll put him on my shoulder, and I can read for as long as I want (I read for 30 minutes) and I can barely tell hes there. He just sits on my shoulder the whole time.

His cage is also back to back with a mirror. Ive heard with some birds mirrors can make them attached to the 'other bird' in the mirror. Is that true? Should I move the mirror?

AND about night covering. What time should I do it? I covered him the first night at about 9.00 and uncovered at about 9:00 in the morning. Also I forgot to cover him last night, will they still sleep okay uncovered?

Thanks for any help! :yellow1:


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Sep 12, 2012
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Gratz on your new addition! Sorry to hear you didn't get the first pick you wanted, though!

As far as drinking, just keep an eye on his droppings. That will tell you if he's eating and drinking fine or not.

I don't recommend mirrors at all. I would suggest moving it or at least covering it.

Parrots don't have "cage covers" out in the wild! ;) As long as he gets plenty of sleep (8+ hrs a night), he doesn't necessarily need to be covered. I have six birds and I rarely ever cover any of them! They typically go to sleep with the sun and wake with the sun. Depending on the time of year, that's 9-14 hrs of darkness. If people are up late into the night, then it may be recommended to cover him.

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