feeding tips

  1. Si429

    Red-Lored Amazon Food AMOUNT: How much?

    Hello! I have a red-lored amazon that has come into my life recently and I am doing a lot of work to build a good relationship with him/her. It's lived a solo life for 20 years with no human contact eating sunflower seeds and some odd moon-shaped pellets that he/she tosses in their water bowl...
  2. 1oldparroter

    Bird Meals

    There are many ways that meal impact a birds' life. There is of course the vitamins and minerals involved. These maintain the birds health physically and mentally; if it's balanced. Timing is just as important, especially as regards training times are before hand. Different species prefer...
  3. M


    Hi, My name is Michelle. I live in Sydney Australia and have been an aviculturist for more than 30 years. Sadly I no longer have my aviaries , but have recently got my new baby - "ManGo" - male Australian Red sided Eclectus. I have worked as wildlife carer and film and television animal...
  4. A

    Training away bad behavior.

    Hi all. The wife & I are newbies to parrots & 2's. (obligatory first post) We just got a 1 1/2 yr old Goffins 3 days ago from a family that couldn't take care if it due to family circumstances. We have the cage, toys, & food they fed it. Puck (name we're choosing because it seems to fit...
  5. H

    rescued baby need general advice

    Hi guys recently taken in a green cheek pineapple conure who i suspect is roughly 8 weeks old maybe 8 1/2, i have rescued many animals over the years and consider myself pretty capable and able and currently house a number of different species however this little gcc is a new one for...
  6. Jamie_95

    What to feed my baby Lorikeet

    As some of you already know, i found a baby Lorikeet yesterday and have been caring for him. I was researching pictures last night of other baby lorries, and he looks about 5 - 6 weeks old. But i'm not 100% sure so i'll post a picture soon :cool: I've been feeding him honey from my finger, and...