first day home

  1. Lancilou

    New Quaker Owner

    Hello all! I'm a first time Quaker owner, I did a lot of research before deciding that a Quaker would be the perfect breed for our family. So today we had our beautiful new baby Norman delivered, he's nearly 5 months old and not hand tame. The bird courier service brought him in and settled...
  2. birbsaremyjam

    New bird: Advice (?) and one question

    hello! i literally just picked up my bird from the pet store and put him in his cage. i got a pineapple green cheek conure and he is beautiful and lovely and i decided to name them Oswin. i decorated the cage filled up their water bowl and food bowl and he was a bit nervous when he got in his...
  3. C

    Are green cheek conures hardy? Or is it an individual thing?

    My new green cheek conure, Charlie, came home about three weeks ago. Thing is, I expected her/him to be scared, and planned to take things slowly (Introduce him to everything slowly.) He was comfortable. Wanted to play, even... I mean, I've visited him frequently before taking him/her home but...
  4. Kelsih11

    Bringing home my (long awaited) baby!

    Hi everyone! I have been on the waiting list with the breeder since last May and she finally has some baby rock pebblers available so I JUST put down my deposit!!:green1: She is pulling them for hand feeding tomorrow and then they will be DNAed and I should be able to bring him home in June...