first molt

  1. F

    My Kiwi is going through his First Molt.

    Is there anything i should know or do for him in this time? THIS IS WHAT I HAVE DONE AND NOTICED SO FAR: I noticed he is a little more sassy than usual. Is that a part of the molt? (like he is a little less social with me...he isn't hand tamed 100% but the little he usually allows me to do he...
  2. Ezekiell

    How long to wait for a molt?

    Māui (finally) came home yesterday and had his first vet check today. The vet commented on his show clip; this was done by the breeder, he only has 2 flights either side and they're kinda ratty because he doesn't really take care of them since they don’t help him fluttering down from a height...
  3. KiwiDaConure97

    Conure Molting Or Feather Plucking?

    Hey, my Conure Kiwi looks like he's feather plucking, but I didn't know if he was feather plucking or not. I went online and did research, it seems like he's just molting and he sometimes will pull some feathers out by accident or that's just part of his preening activities. Anyways, I decided I...
  4. M

    Alexandrine Parrot first molt?

    Alexandrine Young Parrot losing feathers Hi, I have 2 beautiful Alexandrines. The youngest, who is about 4 and a half months now is going through her first moult (we think) She is looking like she is missing many feathers around her head and neck and is sensitive to touch. I can see new...
  5. veimar

    No molt?

    Hi again everyone, I'm a little confused about my gcc not molting… I got him 4 mo ago and he was a Petsmart baby, just 2 days on the floor - probably about 3 mo old, right? So he must be 7 mo now, but he didn't start molting. He lost two tail feathers in April, and one flight feather that got...