My Kiwi is going through his First Molt.

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Feb 23, 2023
Is there anything i should know or do for him in this time?
I noticed he is a little more sassy than usual. Is that a part of the molt? (like he is a little less social with me...he isn't hand tamed 100% but the little he usually allows me to do he kinda doesn't want anything to do with me or taming sessions)
He is still hyper and active and plays. Chirps (more like screams his head off) and chatters.
He is a little more jumpy as well.

He lost 3 big feathers so far (2 being his LONG tail he has a short tail its cute lol and 1 short feather..)
I made him some veggie mash. With some boiled eggs bc i read he needs to keep his health and strength up during this time. He has fresh water and i have provided a bath w washed grass so he can bathe and help with molting and or itching (but he is scared of it so far).

Is there anything else i should do for him or with him?
Can i still tame him (like placing my hand in his cage and hand feeding him spray millet)? IS thtat ok to still do during this time?

Also, what age is he if he is having his first molt? 4 months?
I keep him next to a window, He LOVES it. He doesn't get DIRECT sunlight much so he doesn't over heat...but it is bright and he loves the wind and all the singing birdie friends outside. We are on second floor and I keep an eye on him always. Is that ok? Just want to make him happy but also safe.

He has front 2 toe nails growing LONG. Like i said he isn't tamed yet to trust me and let me just trim his nails. And i fear if i force handle him it will lose all his trust i have worked hard for. What should i do? He has one branch with those sand papers on it (Ik they aren't the best for him but thats why i only have it on one perch...better than nothing), i thought it could help a little to sand them down or keep them from over growing more. What should i do? And i can't take him to Avian Vet cuz none around me. :(
I thought he would be tamed by now (i got him 3 months ago) so i could do it then, but he isn't yet so now what do i do for him? Again i don't want to do anything to lose his trust or make him not like me.


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Jul 10, 2015
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Lots to cover, so I will select a few and let others handle the others.

!. Molting, especially a large molt can be touchy and the more there are, they prefer not to interact. As the new feather(s) comes in, you may see a change and a want to have you help the feather (breaking its cover, but only when it becomes hard and breaks with ease).

2. Each species is different as to when they start their first molt, as some will have a continuous while others with have specific spacing (times) when they molt. Molting requires extensive energy, so a great healthy diet will be very helpful.

3. Assure that your window has a screen and that it is well in place. Most will enjoy their time in the window. If you have Raptors in your area, your Parrot may see one and know that they are hardwired to flee the area rapidly.
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