1. Dois

    How do you acclimate an Eclectus to certain sounds (mine screams when she hears beeping)

    Hello, I have very young Eclectus (~4 months old) and she always lets out a few loud screams when she hears any beeping (turning on the aircon, microwave, etc.) Now, it isn't much screaming and I don't mind it much, but it's very loud and I presume it's because she's afraid. Is there a...
  2. S

    Rigsby the fearful

    Hi, I'm a newbie to forum and parrots so would appreciate advise. I bought Rigsby in November 2015 from a lady claiming it was her mothers and ill health forced sale. Since discovered that she advertises to rehome rescue parrots. The week I bought Rigsby she sold another ringneck and a macaw...
  3. Destornis

    Aggressive conure - help please!

    Hello, I am very new to this forum, and I need some help with my GCC. I am not sure if the conure is a male or female, but I'm not exactly sure if that will effect my problems. My conure is extremely aggressive towards other people besides me. I have had conures for a few years now, but this one...
  4. A

    My Goffin is terrified =( please help!

    I have had my Goffin cockatoo for five years now. She is my only non-rescue bird, since I had wanted the experience of having a baby that would recognize me as her mother (instead of my mom). I wanted to raise her in a healthy, ideal environment so she would not have fear, behavior issues, or...
  5. K

    Frightened Senegal

    Recently, I adopted a 7 year old male Senegal Parrot from a couple who were unable to care for all of their birds. He is in great health and I've had him for going on 2 months now. The lady told us he was kind of picky with who he trusts and likes to interact with. When I was at their house...