galah help

  1. MorganKay

    New to 'toos

    Hello! I've been scrolling through this forum for a few days now reading anything I can find relevant to galah cockatoos, but decided joining the discussion myself will likely be more productive in the long run, so here I am XD I've been in love with galah cockatoos for years now, they're one...
  2. P

    Behavior problems with my Galah

    I’ve read several posts on Galahs here and like several others I need help with mine! Her name is Lola and I got her at 9 months old. She will be 7 years old in August. The breeder told me she was hand fed and raised and I had a reliable recommendation for her. I met the breeder halfway in...
  3. S

    New Member Looking for Some Help

    Hi, My name is Shimona and I have one gorgeous galah named William (don't know how old, thinking from 8 to 15) I got William and another galah named Julia about 2 years ago now from an old friend, who unfortunately got sick and couldn't look after them anymore. They are the first large bird...
  4. JettIsTheDevil

    Galah x Corella pet Hybrid

    I have a pet Galah x Corella named Jett. He flew into our lives 8 years ago. He was obviously someone’s pet, because my mum could hear him mimicking her cough. We tried for days to try and catch him and eventually we enticed him to get into a cage. So we don’t know much about his history, but he...
  5. S

    New bird owner. Galah

    So i was chatting to my mum about getting a cockateil or a budgie. But today a few hours ago my mum and grandad got me a three year old galah. I have a cage with perches toys and food bowls. I will be going to get food pellets during the week. He so far is a bit loud but seems calm. I have been...
  6. GracelynNBirds

    Need help with galah cage

    Hello everyone, I need help with finding a galah cage. I have been looking into this cage, but I could go bigger, and I could go higher in the price range, but I'm looking for is around the 500 price range. ;)...