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Nov 19, 2017
Australia brisbane
So i was chatting to my mum about getting a cockateil or a budgie. But today a few hours ago my mum and grandad got me a three year old galah. I have a cage with perches toys and food bowls. I will be going to get food pellets during the week. He so far is a bit loud but seems calm. I have been frantically researching what tp feed him and other tidbits. Im just looking for advice that i can refer back to when needed. He did for about a minute scream out of no where but stopped on his own. So wondering what that could be about?
Tomorrow in the morning i will be studying in my chair so i think i will just sit near him and read my book to him?
I did have to change his water already. And uppon putting my hand inside the cage he attacked me. I didn't yell just sort of shaked my hand to get him to let go and finished what i was doing.
I will be taking him to the vet this week to get his nails filed? And a checkup. Unless i should wait on that?
The previous owner said he is semi hand tamed and can step up and likes to be patted.
Congrats on the new family member. Lots of cages allow access to bowls without sticking your hands inside. Regardless, with my amazon... and he and I are best buddies, I ask permission to reach in his cage. Even after all these years.. he can still be territorial. Lots of info in here on diet and care.. for now just be patient and get to know each other a bit. Don't attempt a quick diet change, they resist that. Find out what he is accustomed to for now, and ask the prior owner about any of birdies fave treats. You have your hands full with a very smart creature here and given a lil time you probably will end up with a best buddy too.
He will likely be weary for several weeks; he is in a whole new environment. His prior flock is missing and he does not yet know you. His defensiveness is normal.

Screaming comes with the territory with cockatoos. That being said, try to ignore him when he screams; praise him when he talks or is quiet. That can limit excessive screaming. "Normal" calling occurs around sunrise, sunset, and when excited.

For diet, I like to go ~60% veggies, 20% pellets, 10% fruit, 10% nuts/seeds. Please look up foods that our toxic to our parrots!

Sitting by him and talking or reading to him is a great first step in building trust! Never rush him or try to force him to do anything unless absolutely necessary for safety reasons. Offer treats by hand, but if he retreats do not chase him. If he retreats, I also do not give him the treat because I don't want to reward the behavior.
His cage, his property! With my JoJo, I can move anything around and he is good with it. Wife’s Bongo? Guards his cage to the end!
Must add, wife’s Bongo is a 24x7 cuddle bum with her! My JoJo loves to hang, but beak rubs are the closest thing to cuddling you get! Unless he is just out of his bath!

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Welcome to you and your Galah, what a wonderful surprise!

Definitely take things slowly and let him learn to trust you. Reading and spending close time is a great beginning. This thread will give some ideas:

As others have posted, wait a bit to change food as that is one of the few constants in his life. So many possibilities for a healthy diet, and Galahs are prone to Fatty Liver Disease. (FLD) A higher proportion of fresh vegetables to fruits and pellets/seed is best. This thread from the Parrot Food Forum has great ideas:

A vet visit is helpful in the beginning to rule out disease (parrots hide illness) but ought be performed by a certified avian vet.
I'm jealous! I want a galah!
Congrats on your Galah!

It's easy to get overwhelmed.
Any noises and behaviour at the moment could just be your parrot settling into his new home. It's a scary time for both of you.

He might have latched onto you when you put your hand in his cage because he's a bit scared of you and his new environment. For the time being try and avoid your hands being too close and let him get used to you.

Reading to him while you're studying nearby sounds like a good way to get to know each other slowly. He'll let you know when he's ready to be more hands on, because he'll come towards you, and not back away, when you approach.

Like the others said, fruits, veg and small amounts of seed + pellets are a good starting point. If he's stuck on one kind of food, you might have to slowly introduce the new food to get him to eat it.

There's tonnes of info here, just take some time and read about people's experiences, there are plenty of new owners like you (me included!)

You have lots of time to get to know each other, so don't panic too much and just take it slow.

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