1. J

    Visually impaired Greenwing Macaw

    Hi everyone, I've recently adopted a 4 year old Greenwing Macaw from someone who had him chained to a stand with a freeflow of sunflower seeds. After taking him home I realised he was visually impaired—there is a clump of white spots on his right eye, and his left eye is cloudy—so I took him to...
  2. NandyNando

    In Need of Advice

    HELP!! In Need of Advice We're all familiar with this story: Person sees bird, person likes bird, person brings home bird, bird bonds with someone else and the rest is history. But never in a million years did I think it could happen to me. A little over a month ago, my family welcomed...
  3. PenClem

    Harlequin vs. Greenwing Macaw

    I have an opportunity to acquire an adult Harlequin Macaw. I am captivated by his coloring, but due to his hybridization, I wonder about temperament and characteristics... Here's what I mean: with purebred dogs, for example, breed characteristics are pretty much "standard" across the board, and...
  4. PenClem

    Friend ISO GW Macaw in TX

    A friend of mine has just started researching GW Macaws and will begin her search for a reputable, responsible breeder at some point next year within theg state of Texas. Any recommendations?
  5. L

    Help! Greenwing doble trouble!

    Hi, I'm new over here. It's a long story but I'll try to make it short. Two years ago my dad passed away so I inherited, together with his house a beautifull 15 yo female greenwing named Pluma. Around 5 weeks ago a friend aproached me me ask if I could adopt another greenwing of unknown gender...
  6. G

    Looking to adopt a greenwing or other macaw

    Hi I lost my macaw to kidney failure in November 2017. I tried to adopt from three rescues but they thought I should let my bird fly loose all over the house. They also didn't like the fact that my Dobie is encaged in a large encloser due to her bladder issues and dog aggression. All my animals...
  7. gadlaw

    18 Year Old Greenwing sullen and moody

    Hi forum. I've been puzzling about my Greenwing's recent behavior and it occurred to me that there might be a Macaw forum somewhere so a bit of Google and here I am. My boy, Hiro who you see in my picture has become withdrawn and sullen. It's been happening for a few months but now he's...
  8. S

    Help Looking For Macaw Carier

    so long story short my GW macaw comes to work daily (or used to). i had a small/medium sized dog cage with a perch attached that lived in the back of the car. someone stole my car cage and all. i'm using a cover car at the minute and might need to end up replacing my car but regardless, buying...
  9. S

    12 week old GW coming home in two days.... Advice welcomed!

    I've kept a GW before, but he was an older rescue that I fostered... This is a new baby and any problems will be my fault, so I need to do this right. We ordered the Kings Cages SLT 6430 Xl "gorilla" cage for it... Any random bit of wisdom is welcomed!
  10. R

    4 year old male Greenwing for sale in Lehigh Valley Pa.

    Rocco is a healthy happy male Greenwing. Well behaved, good vocabulary. After working for the same company for 31 yrs., I lost my job. Found new employment but now I'm on the road. Rocco deserves more than I can give him. Will come with huge cage as well. Please message me for details. Thank...
  11. S

    room temperature/humidity question??

    so here in england we've currently got a bit of a heat wave, wont be much for some but today its reached 34 degress, the problem we have is the humidity is disgusting. my room where lola (greenwing macaw) resides gets ridiculously stuffy, i cant even get dressed in their without sweating. my...
  12. S

    trouble with squawking, please help

    so i'm lucky enough to bring lola (GW macaw) to work where she used to be good as gold, shed let off the odd squawk as expected from a parrot but just recently she is getting worse. i can see people are getting a little fed up with it (which you cant blame them for) and i'm afraid that if she...
  13. S

    java tree while missing cage

    so im having my room decorated over this week and have put Lola into boarding to keep her away from plaster, dust, paint and vinyl glue fumes etc. ive had to take her big corner cage down with the intent to buy the new regular shaped cage whilst shes away and then build the new one in there (as...
  14. N

    Help Please: 24 day old Green Wing

    I've been feeding my 24 day old green wing macaw and have been following the directions on the Kaytee exact package. The problem is he or she weighs 10.7 oz which I believe translates to 303.4 grams. I am not totally sure that is within an acceptable weight range as I cannot find a growth chart...
  15. S

    tatty macaw tail feathers

    hi i wouldnt say this is really a health concern as such but figured this might be the best section for advice... i have a greenwing macaw, lola, she is coming up to 5 months old (which could be the reason) and shes a lovely looking bird but her tail feathers are really tatty and scruffy (ill...
  16. S

    Pictures of Lola! I don't...
  17. S

    B&g vs greenwing macaw

    hi everyone i know ive asked a question in the past about which macaw and got a lot of helpful advice however all macaws were being thrown in and ive now narrowed it down to 2. i went to visit some yesterday and was shown scarletts (beautiful but not for me) the greenwings and b&gs as id...
  18. Mardy Mcgnaw At 10 Weeks (greenwing)

    Mardy Mcgnaw At 10 Weeks (greenwing)

  19. Mardy Mcgnaw At 9 Weeks (greenwing)

    Mardy Mcgnaw At 9 Weeks (greenwing)

  20. Mardy Mcgnaw At 8 Weeks (greenwing)

    Mardy Mcgnaw At 8 Weeks (greenwing)