hahn's macaw

  1. Nelsonj328

    Need advice on my Hahns macaw

    Hi. I have a 12 yr old Hahns macaw that I have had almost 2 yrs. He has been doing wonderful till a few months ago. He started attacking me for now reason. He will literally fly at me and attack. I am the one who feeds him and cleans his cage. I talk to him every day. I am his main care giver...
  2. T

    Possible overgrown beak? HALP please 🙍

    Hi all, The background: have a Hahn's Macaw named Coda, about three years old. She has chew toys that she destroys in a day, and her diet mainly consists of bird seed. Before I get lectures, I'd like to say that I've been consistently trying to get her to switch to pellets since I had her. She...
  3. Cthebird

    Here he is again (new flight ability)

    A while back, I wrote on this forum about how my pet Hahn's macaw just about had all of his new flight feathers. When we adopted him as a youngin' they had clipped them. It seemed to take a long time for new ones to grow in. He was pretty much over 1 year old when they started to be replaced. I...
  4. T

    Tail Feather breakage, advice please!

    Hi, concerned Birdy mom here! I have a Hahn's Macaw that's almost a year old (Coda) and after my recent trip to the vet, I decided to trim her nails because they were becoming quite painful. Her favorite past time is to cling onto my fingers with her foot and force me to give belly and beak...
  5. Cthebird

    I wonder why he does that? What it means?

    I don't know if it is specific to Hahn's macaws, or if all macaws do it, or just my little guy, but he does something that my old Pacific Parrotlet and budgie didn't do. He sometimes opens his beak and almost looks like he is pretending to say something, but the only sound that comes out is an...
  6. Cthebird

    Getting my Hahn's macaw to be nice to hubby

    My husband and I adopted our 6 month old Hahn's macaw on Labor Day weekend. At first, he seemed to favor my hubby, but was also always nice to me. I work from home and he sees me many hours per day. If he is in his cage, he mostly sees me since I spend most time in the same room (unless I'm...
  7. Cthebird

    New to "bigger" parrot ownership

    After 15 years of loving a "mighty big" little Pacific Parrotlet, my husband and I have adopted a "mighty bigger" Hahn's macaw. I have to say that he's definitely a different animal, for sure. We've bonded with him quickly since adopting him on Labor Day weekend. He's now about 5.5 months old...
  8. Grraarrgghh

    Peak Volume Of A Hahn's Macaw

    So as you may know, I own a Red Bellied poi, which is highly regarded as the quietest parrot (which of course is still loud, but volume wise they don't get too bad at all). My wife is very interested in buying a Hahn's Macaw, but I'm concerned about the difference in volume. Obviously, two...
  9. Aliciasbird

    HI:) New Hahns Macaw owner. Meet Petrie!

    Hi everyone! I just got 6 month old Hahn's macaw 3 days ago at the exotic bird show in Orlando. His name is Petrie:). And he picked me:heart: I fell in love with Hahn's Macaws after reading all about them. And so I have been waiting for the day to get one for several months. Petrie...
  10. B

    Hahn's or Severe?

    I recently bought the below, the shop owner said that it's a Severe Macaw , but I'm not sure, as it's beak is too light. Can anyone tell the difference at this age? (6 weeks)
  11. Manda_Rae

    Hello! From Mom to Hahn's Macaw & GCC

    Hi everyone! My name is Manda and the hubby & I have a house full of Fids :) We have A Green Cheek Conure, Pepper & a Hahn's Macaw, Kiki. Also 2 Cats Sasha & Sam. A Hamster named Annabell plus 3 tropical Fish tanks We sure do have a full house :D
  12. Manda_Rae

    Molting remedies

    My Hahn's Macaw, Kiki, just turned 2 in June and this Fall she is having a TERRIBLE molt she is just miserable....she will hardly eat only playing a little, she lets me help her a little but she is just miserable. Does anyone have any natural suggestions to help ease her itchiness?

    Keegan the Hahns just being cute....

    Here's my little 6yr old Hahns, Keegan....just being cutsey. KEEGAN
  14. alana

    getting a new parrot:)

    I hope you guys could help out.I have been doing a lot of research on other parrots because I'm getting one on my birthday but I don't know which one I want to get.Its between the African grey timneyh parrot, Hahn's macaw,or the cockatoo.I'm torn between the three.If anyone has personal...
  15. wibitywab

    Bird Blog

    Hi guys, I don't know if this is the right place to put this topic in, but I wanted to know if anyone else thought this was a good idea. The idea is to make a blog about my hahn's macaw baby kiwi, almost everyday, and from the time I get to take her home. This will mostly be for if we...