hand rearing

  1. B

    Advice needed please baby princess of wales

    Hi all I am new to this forum and the baby bird world! I have owned poultry for 4 years I fully understand this is totally different but have a good idea on how the crop works etc and general overall health I work at a college within an aviary setting and when myself and my boss went to ring...
  2. M

    Got an egg, been looking forward to raising the newborn chicks! But I have some questions.

    Hello! I was super excited today when I checked on a cage that has three conures in it to find out one of the females laid an egg (hopefully the first of several)! The cage has 2 females and 1 male (the male is the brother of one of the two females in the cage). The female that is not his...
  3. Raikou

    Brooder setup and routine?

    Hi all, I have a pair of peach faced lovebirds who are currently producing their first clutch with me. Both are displaying the correct nesting and mate feeding behaviours appropriately, and eggs have been laid every other day no issue with there being three so far. The birds have been observed...
  4. Jayson_Black

    Seeking advice for weaning my hand raised Eclectus!

    After finishing this post I will be going up the supermarket to buy Salem's (Our 44 day (6.2 weeks) old Eclectus) First Foods. Am going to give him Cooked Sweet Potato, Corn and peas. Maybe a small amount of Strawberry &/or Kiwi Fruit. But not too much Fruit coz of sugar/fructose. My main...
  5. M

    ManGo bugger to feed, loves cuddles

    He is a character, but an absolute bugger to feed. Still on 4 feeds a day, taking formula from spoon to start, but he looses interests after the first 4, so I crop or syringe tip about 20mLs then the takes more spoons until he is just wanting to cuddle so I crop the last amounts in to ensure...
  6. M


    Hi, My name is Michelle. I live in Sydney Australia and have been an aviculturist for more than 30 years. Sadly I no longer have my aviaries , but have recently got my new baby - "ManGo" - male Australian Red sided Eclectus. I have worked as wildlife carer and film and television animal...
  7. L

    Babies won't take formula

    I feel like I've made a rookie mistake and need urgent help! I have had an aviary of lovebirds for some time, but have tried hand rearing for the first time this year. In spring I took 1 baby at about 3 weeks old and he has flourished! It took him around 24-36 hours to get the hang of the...
  8. S

    Hand Raising 8 week Blue & Gold Macaw

    Hi! I thought i would take a moment and introduce myself, I'm Montana & i have a new baby Blue & Gold Macaw. This is my first macaw but not my first time hand feeding. I used to raise ducklings and fostered a 5 year old african grey for about 6 months. I'm super excited about my baby!! His name...
  9. S

    Yellow naped amazon chick !!!!!

    Yellow naped amazon chick Handreared, Check it out Any questions or advice needed will be answered Please suscribe and view my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClH3EGOi5BN_PF1w065kwYw
  10. R

    Help! my eclectus had a baby

    My female eclectus hatched an egg! I taught her abstinence. What could have gone wrong? The baby is about 3 day old. Now I know why she was acting strange. Totally unprepared to be a grandparent where do I go for quick accurate information? Bedding,formula,handling,special food for female...
  11. F

    Dutch law bans hand-Rearing of Young parrots: What's Your Opinion?

    Hi, Frank Indiviglio here. I’m a zoologist and book author, recently retired from a career spent at several zoos, aquariums, and museums, including over 20 years with the Bronx Zoo. This month (July, 2014) the Netherlands became the first country to outlaw the hand-rearing of parrots. The law...
  12. E

    New plumhead

    Hi guys, I've just purchased a 4 month old plum head parrot who was hand reared but has not been handled by the bird shop for about 4 weeks due to a busy Christmas period. I've been working on his training for the last four days but I still can't get him to stay on my hand as he keeps flying...