1. K

    The Start Of My Journey With Kiwi

    I was given a macaw for my birthday, January 26 that I was very unprepared for. Kiwi is my adorable harlequin macaw. Her birthday is August 13 and she is about 6 months old. She has her own room with her cage taking up 95% of the space. I want her to have the best life possible so I'm trying to...
  2. K

    Shower w/ Birds Do and Don'ts?

    Ok so, as some of you might know, I was given a macaw as a surprise gift (Warning: NOT A GOOD IDEA) but either way, I read you can take showers with your birds. I also know birds are particularly sensitive to scented things. If I have scented shampoos should we get rid of them? Are there certain...
  3. K

    HELP! Clueless Me Needs to Help A Macaw!

    Ok, so let me say this right off the bat, I'm 15 and my b-day was yesterday. My eccentric uncle decided it would be a great idea to get me a macaw. I have no idea how to care for her and I need as much help as I can get. She is not being well taken care of right now; my uncle knows nothing about...
  4. Nikoson

    Is there a difference if the father of a hybrid is a blue and gold or green wing

    I’m thinking of getting a harlequin macaw but I read that the father contributes more to looks and personality, is this true?
  5. Mr. M

    Mr. M

    My daughter's macaw, M. We think he's either a Harlequin or Catalina macaw, but are unsure which. His backstory is in the New Members Welcome forum, under "Unplanned Macaw Caretaker."
  6. PenClem

    Harlequin vs. Greenwing Macaw

    I have an opportunity to acquire an adult Harlequin Macaw. I am captivated by his coloring, but due to his hybridization, I wonder about temperament and characteristics... Here's what I mean: with purebred dogs, for example, breed characteristics are pretty much "standard" across the board, and...
  7. R

    Researching owning a Macaw

    Hello I am Francisco and use to have a Lilac Amazon which was my closest pet I have ever owned, but one day while she was on my shoulder the screen door shut and she got startled and flew away. This was over ten years ago. I am now thinking of owning a Macaw and now researching on what would...
  8. K

    Differences within one kind of hybrids

    Hello All! Let me firstly introduce myself. I'm from Poland and macaws have been my love from my early childhood. Today in my thirties my dream may finaly come true! My question is as follows: Are there any noticeable differences in colors&behaviour between two hybrid macaws of the same kind...
  9. S

    In search of a reputable breeder

    I've been online looking for a long time now searching for a reputable breeder. But, every time I feel like I'm getting close to finding one, it's a scam. I currently live in Alaska in the Air Force. So, not too many breeders here for a macaw, none that I've found actually. I'm looking for a...
  10. V

    New Macaw Owner

    :blue1: I just got my bird last night :) a 10 year old Harlequin Macaw named Valentino. Super sweetie but I'm a nervous wreck! I've had parrots growing up, Double Yellow Head, African Grey, a Yellow Nape and a Parakeet, but never a parrot of Valentino's size. A friend of mine was going to...