1. lunyluna

    Beware of Zupreem - Macaw in Crisis

    I've had my rescued Scarlet Macaw Luna for 3 1/2 years now, and throughout that time (and her year-long foster period beforehand) she has been on a Zupreem pellet diet. She started on the regular fruit blend for large birds, then I started mixing in the natural and veggie blends, and finally...
  2. I

    Brown Headed Parrot Diet

    Hi all, So I have finally found a beautiful baby girl brown headed parrot that I have placed a deposit on. She is located in my home town, and I will be visiting her this weekend. She will be ready to take home in about 2-3 weeks, so I am preparing for the rest of our lives together! I have...
  3. I


    I heard about Harrison's High Potency recently and decided to look into it since it is recommended for birds recovering from disease or some that have been on crappy diets for most of their lives. My question is, why is it so "good" if their fist ingredient is sunflower seed? I thought those...