health problem

  1. V

    Conure accidentally stepped on!!!

    Hey guys I have a green cheek conure who just turned three months yesterday and we had an accident where my mom accidentally had stepped on him while he had been trying to crawl down the couch and surprise her on her way in from putting some laundry in and she stepped on him. We took him to the...
  2. C

    Sneezing, scratching and aggression

    My new gc conure (he's 4 going on 5 months old) has begun sneezing about 6 days ago but it started being more frequent 3 days ago. He was really sweet, no biting the first few days we've had him, except the first 2 when he was new to things. After some time and coincidentally or not, when my...
  3. AvianAmigos

    Help Wanted! Pacific Parrotlet Swollen Nostril

    Hi parrot lovers, My Pacific parrotlet Didi seems sick, with his nostril swollen badly. This is my first time keeping a parrot as a pet. I am not sure what happened to him 😭 Has anyone dealt with this before? Any help is greatly appreciated 🙏
  4. K

    Conure holding wing straight in the air

    Kiwi is normally free Flighted but we are moving into a small apartment this week and she is very fast, so I had her wings trimmed slightly. I want her to get use to her surroundings. After the trim she has been holding her left wing straight in the air. Like she is stretching but just holds it...
  5. M

    Health concern on budgie's cere

    Hello! I am not an owner of budgies myself, but my grandmother is. She has 3 budgies (2 males, 1 female, at least 6 years old), all in the same cage. Upon looking at her budgies today, I noticed that the female has an overgrown cere. I can't tell if it's covering her nostrils, but apparently...
  6. Yun777

    senior lovebird

    Hi guys. my bird is older and i am worried with him. 1. He is male but he acts like female. He sometimes wanna decorate paper with his ass. He is only one child and solo for his life. 2. Is perfume bad for lovebirds? bombshell and citrus.. i know it is not good i wanna make sure Thx.
  7. H

    Cockatiel feather problems??

    Hi there, I'm new to the Forum, I hope I'm doing this right haha. I have a 7 month old whiteface fallow cockatiel named Halo, she is a great eater and is full of energy but from the day I got her I noticed her feathers were very sparse! She has a bald spot on her head which is common in some...
  8. L

    Help please what's this thing in my cockatiels nostril and eye

    hello everyone, I'm new here and I need help today I got my baby cockatiel and he's 22 days old I noticed this thing in his eye and his nostril (I attached pictures) and I'm kinda worried about him having respiratory problems in the future, is he alright? what is it? I asked my neighbor (who...
  9. G

    Help. Does anyone know what this is

    ... ............ dw it’s fine now...
  10. I

    Over Preening and Pain? Please help!

    I have a Green Cheek Conure and he is maybe 8 years old. He is a healthy bird, and his feathers are shiny without any black banding. He has plenty of toys, and we take him out of the cage all day. Recently he has been over preening. He would groom and then squeak and a small puff feather would...
  11. M

    PLEASE HELP ME :( I am worried

    My female budgie has been losing feathers and has a lot of space in her body where it looks like she doesnt have enough feathers :( I do not know what to do. I dont know if its molting, and she has been very fussy lately as well. I attached a video and a picture where you can see the “space”...
  12. T

    Possibly Sick Parakeet?

    Hello there! I'm here on the forum to ask some questions for my mom and about our English Budgie, Sunny. Sunny is about three years old now and has been healthy the whole time that he's lived with us. I think the most abnormal thing about him is that he molts a LOT. I personally don't think...
  13. B

    Blood looking bulb on base of budgie tail?

    My budgie of 8 years has a small, strange looking bulb filled with blood on the base of his tail, maybe on or very near his preen gland. Connected to this blood filled bulb is a dry, shrivelled, hard as a rock feather which is grey and black in colour. What could this possibly be?
  14. D

    My budgie's cere changed color !

    I have a budgie for four months and she always had a brown cere but this week it turned to blue . I don't know what to do and I am really worried . Is such color change normal ?