1. Rico_Tiel

    How do I keep my room cool?

    So, I have birds, obviously. And my Kaiju of a tiel (Rico) likes my room to be 75°F (23C). I keep it that way but I keep my desk fan on and angle it so it only blows on me as I don’t do too hot in warmer temperatures. it never blows on him unless I’m trimming his nails as he overheats easily...
  2. S

    Bird safe space heaters?

    My bird's cage is in my room, which for some reason is the coldest room in the house. Even to the point where I complain. I know many of you may suggest to move her cage somewhere else, but we have a cat, and I don't agree with moving her cage out of the safety of my room. The cat has free reign...
  3. E

    Prepping for power outages

    The extreme weather is crazy and getting worse all the time. This past winter, we had a 2-day stretch where the power was out while it was in the teens outside. We have natural gas heat with the fan that is electric, so nothing worked, but we had hot water. The temperature in the house dropped...
  4. V

    Wall furnace questions

    hello, I moved into a 100-year old Victorian flat where the heat isn't working. There was a double wall furnace that uses natural gas, and I'm trying to work with my landlord to find a replacement. If you could help with these questions, I would really appreciate it: 1. the double wall furnace...
  5. B

    Heat Waves and Humidity

    Hi everyone! So unfortunately my air conditioning has stopped working for the most part, it’s cooler in the bird room, but I’m still worried! I was thinking about putting little trays of water in their cages, but there’s no telling whether or not theyll bathe. I know humidity makes the heat feel...
  6. S

    room temperature/humidity question??

    so here in england we've currently got a bit of a heat wave, wont be much for some but today its reached 34 degress, the problem we have is the humidity is disgusting. my room where lola (greenwing macaw) resides gets ridiculously stuffy, i cant even get dressed in their without sweating. my...