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  1. Floofy

    Any help would be appreciated

    I recently took my bird Coco to the vet since she's been acting a little off and they told me to switch her diet to pellets which I have bought for her and they also gave her vitamin b12 and meloxicam and she ate some of the food I have her new and she seemed to like it. But now she's acting...
  2. GracelynNBirds

    Bird weight watcher..?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any good scale that weights in grams? Or what scale do you guys use for your birds? I'm planning on tracking down my birds, and any future bird's grams. Also, I'm just going to throw in a few questions about that. :) How often should I weight my bird? I read...
  3. K

    Emergency!!!! Help please

    Hello all! i just took my green cheeck conure to the vet today for disease testing and dna sexing and well i had the appointment at 330pm and its about 5 hours passed during the vet visit they said they could not get good blood sample due to the fact that he wasnt giving much blood (he/she is...