help needed now

  1. Quetki

    My Bird Is Afraid.

    Hello, I got a Conure about a week ago and since today he's been a bit jumpy with me and my hand. He loves to preen me but runs away when I try to make him step up. He's barely even stepping up when I am using treats. He was doing fine the other day, but now he's got a fear of my hand. Who...
  2. E

    I may need to rehome my Sun Conure, I feel hopeless and desperate.

    I have a Sun Conure named Gilly who was rehomed to me at the beginning of the year. He is 4 years old and he is the love of my love, he has the biggest personality and is extremely affectionate and loving. But like all Suns, he can be quite loud at times and needs lots of attention. I'm living...
  3. R

    im not sure if my conure is unwell or not

    I have two conures, cinnamon (female, olive) and green cheek conure (male, rio). both are bonded and share the same cage. I was gone for 4 months so im not sure what their activity level or diet was like (even though i specifically ask ed for mainly pellets diet with fruits and veggies and...
  4. M

    Ringneck medicine

    Is animec oral 1% 1.5 ml per litre ok for my 2-3 year old indian ringneck?
  5. I

    still weaning green cheek conure

    Hi my baby's name is ivy and i dont know the hatch date but they are fully feathered and are currently at 3 feedings i got them last saturday i dont know how to post anywhere else so im gonna ask my question here(if you can tell me how that would be great) they were eating 3 feedings yesterday...
  6. K

    Lovebird heavy breathing?

    Hi, my lovebird was making noises when he was breathing (kind of sounded like a fart), and perching himself with his belly lower. He is able to eat and drink and perch, but because of covid-19 all my local vets aren't taking birds that aren't actively dying right then and there. After coming...
  7. C

    I need help with my birds!!

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and I really need some advice and help! I have two birds a budgies (boo) who's about 4 and a lovebird (peachy) who is just turning 2. During this quarantine they have been spoiled so much, they got a new cage, toys and they come out of the cage so much. But lately I...
  8. L

    Help, I'm really scared for my amazon

    This morning Ellie refused her food, and went out of her cage only to go back in shortly after. I offered her a toy and, although she took it, let it go shortly after. She keeps squinting and only drank water so far. Her breathing is regular for her pace when she sleeps, maybe a bit more...
  9. J

    PARAKEET RANDOMLY LAID AN EGG (on bottom of cage), please help!!!

    Hello all, So I was playing with my budgie when I noticed AN EGG on the bottom of his/her cage!! I don't know whether it is fertile or not. However, I do have 2 budgies. The cere on the budgie that laid the egg is plain white but the cere on my other bird is brown. I need to know a few things...
  10. S

    I, no WE, need help!!!

    OMG! I am about to go out of my mind... I have a male, Greater Patagonian... been three weeks now and we are making great progress on so many things... he is healthy, I give him lots of one on one time, healthy food (this is a challenge as his previous owner basically fed him sunflower seeds)...