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Dec 20, 2015

OMG! I am about to go out of my mind... I have a male, Greater Patagonian... been three weeks now and we are making great progress on so many things... he is healthy, I give him lots of one on one time, healthy food (this is a challenge as his previous owner basically fed him sunflower seeds) and he has a lovely cage with the door open when I am home (which is most often), toys, which he is slowly learning to play with... but he will not stop his vocalization!!! I get, and don't mind at all, the sunrise/sunset stuff... I wait for him to use a "appropriate call" before responding to him (when in another room) and sometimes it's a loooong wait :( he says,' I love you', and a form of 'Hello' and a couple other indistinguishable things... he is NOT a biter (although he mouths and is nervous with anything new, which I am doing my very best to bring things in slowly and comfortably), he loves showers, is NOT cage territorial, likes to be scritched/preened on the head, and is overall the sweetest fellow... but if he does not STOP his screeching, which it often feels (sounds) like he does non-stop, even when riding on my shoulder, or sitting with me at my desk or with me while I'm reading, I'll go crazy(er)... it's like he has one volume and it's not necessarily THAT loud (I babysat my friends Umbrella and in comparison, this guy whispers :) it is just NON STOP and, arrrrggg, incredibly annoying. My dogs get up and leave the room because of it... I want to be the right person for this fellow... he is so sweet. I have done all the required things, wait until he's quite (HA!) to reward him, don't respond when he vocalizes, etc. etc. but he STILL uses this one volume, constant sound which is grating to the nerves... even when I'm in the office with him, even when he is getting attention, even whenever/all the time. It seems to be his "go to" sound/volume... however, he can and does make sweet sounds, he does use his 'inside voice' often but, more often, this loud thing he does, i.e. I can't determine the reason behind it... someone please help me. I just want to cry. I have read about the strobe light/remote control thing... anyone tried and succeeded with it? I am at a loss as to how to help him, and me... HELP!!! He also has the company of two smaller parrots, they have their own cage, but hang out with him on top of his cage and he seems to like their company.
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