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Jul 16, 2020
Hi, my lovebird was making noises when he was breathing (kind of sounded like a fart), and perching himself with his belly lower. He is able to eat and drink and perch, but because of covid-19 all my local vets aren't taking birds that aren't actively dying right then and there. After coming back home I haven't heard any wheezing. I have the option to drive out an hour to a 24/7 clinic if they will take him. I was wondering if anyone has any advice?


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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
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There are major differences between States regarding CV-19 requirements. The vast majority are now excepting Birds regardless of their health status.

Really need to know what State you are speaking of and that will better define where they are currently. NOTE: Cat and Dog specialists are using CV-19 to avoid taking in Parrots.

Your Bird likely has a respiratory illness, which is classified as an Emergency and that classification will get your Bird into an Avian Professional anywhere in the USA and likely includes Canada.

NOTE: Normal procedures are as follows. You set an appointment time and arrive 10 minutes prior to the appoint. You then call-in stating you have arrived. They come out and pick-up the carrier and take your Bird inside. They call when completed and they complete the Credit Card transaction, then bring your Bird back out to you. Note: If you have a SUV, the preferred method is to set the Bird in the back and auto open the back.

Also, it is your responsibility to classify your visit as an Emergency!

Assure that your Vet Clinic has an Avian Professional. If yes, they should already know that breathing issues automatically classify as respirator issue...
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