1. M

    Soil in Parrot House

    Hi, we are currently finishing up the parrot house for our 4 macaws here in northern Thailand. My question is if it makes sense, instead of having a concrete floor, to put a layer of soil in which would have (in my naive thinking) these advantages 1. Bacteria would take care of bird...
  2. Being Cute

    Being Cute

    Sunny in the kitchen.
  3. A

    Lovebirds and moving?

    Hi there! I have two lovebirds that are currently living in a friend's house:rainbow1:, as I'm away in school and can not take care of them due to a not friendly pet apartment. My school program involves me to go on and off of school every four months- which leaves me with a dilemma... I would...
  4. Eirote

    Possible problems with a new house?

    We have a 2 year old sun conure, she's super friendly and a real sweetheart. We recently moved to a bigger house, she has a lot more space to play in and seems really happy. However I've noticed that she's a lot more "chattery" in the new place. Making little chirpy noises the whole time. She...