1. BekOwens94

    Dehumidifiers for parrot room

    Hey, I’ve been having a lot of problems lately with condensation on windows (even after trying different methods such as opening windows in morning for a certain amount of time). In the room where my parrot sleeps we have an air purifier, however I’ve recently purchased some reusable...
  2. idioticjackson

    good heat lamps/humidifier?

    Vet told us that my baby has a mild lung infection today :( Vet recommended that we get a humidifier and heat lamp for Navi. Does anyone have any good suggestions on what brand to use? I've read that Puresun Midis by Arcadia are good. I'd prefer one that isn't too expensive (maybe around $100...
  3. mypinklove

    Essential Oils

    Good evening friends. :) Essential Oils - my mother swears by them. She has many pets, including birds, and has two essential oil diffuser/humidifiers in her house (two story). She tells me that the effects on the animals are the same as for the people in the house, and she wants to buy one...
  4. WannaBeAParrot

    What Humidifier / Vaporizer Do You Use for your Fid?

    Hi Folks. I read conflicting information on the web about which humidifier type is "best" or "safe" for parrots. I prefer to stay away from warm-air types. Ultrasonic vs. Evaporative vs. ????? Please share which humidifier(s) you use AND how long you have used it around your fid(s). Thanks.