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  1. E

    Sun Conure or Jenday?

    I recently got a conure and he was labeled as Jenday but I’m positive he is a Sun. Just wanted other parrot peoples thoughts. He turns one at the end of april.
  2. F

    New parrot fan here

    I’m new to parrots. We’ve been housemates with a Green Quaker since November and a Pineapple Conure a few weeks now. The Conure has a shady history so I’m trying to find out information regarding his closed leg band. CTP MI 195 I believe he’s from Michigan but not sure of his hatch year. Any...
  3. C

    Tracking Leg Band Numbers?

    Hello, I adopted my first eclectus hen earlier last year, and I was given very limited information from her previous owner. I want to learn where she came from, and exactly what subspecies she is, as well as if her age is accurate. So to start, I'm trying to learn where she came from, but I'm...
  4. Owlet


    so I've been thinking of having Lincoln and Apollo microchipped, I don't think it'll be needed much for Lincoln since he cant/wont/doesn't fly so I'm not too concerned of him being lost but Apollo does fly so I especially want to get her one even though I wouldn't be taking her outside without a...
  5. W

    Parrot Identification

    Hello everyone. My name is Christina. As I explained in my introduction, for those who haven't seen it, my in-laws rescued a parrot today. We have zero knowledge of birds and in order to learn everything we can about "him", I suppose the first step will be identification of exactly what species...