1. Introducing Copperfield to The Conure Club

    Introducing Copperfield to The Conure Club

    Pumpkin (brown-throated, female) is on the closer branch; Copperfield (brown-throated, ?male?) is on the left of Milton (Peach-fronted, male)
  2. Parotteer

    Introducing myself, Mikey Arris

    Hello. I would like to introduce my flock and myself. My name is Mikey Arris. At the moment of writing I am 51 years old, retired and living in the Netherlands. I discovered this Forum in my search for information on Amazon parrots. It is one of the many sources I found and after reading many...
  3. J

    Questions about caging 2 new budgies together

    Hello all, Let me start by saying that while I have had a few birds in my life, I can only remember one time where I ever had 2 birds in 1 cage, and that transition went very smoothly. I recently purchased 2 budgies, both around 5-6 months old. 1 male, 1 female. I purchased them both from a...
  4. A

    Cockatiel has gone quiet after introducing a second one

    Hello everyone! I have two cockatiels, Cheeky (almost 5 y.o.) :yellow1: and Mango (almost a year old) :grey: Both are males. Cheeky was my first pet; I got him when he was 3 m.o., and back then I used to spend the entire day with him on my shoulder, so he got extremely attached to me. He learnt...
  5. M

    Introducing Myself

    Hello there everyone!:orange: My name is Molly. I have an 8 year old Sun Conure named Mango. I got her as a hatchling and she's my best feather friend. My husband and I also have 2 dogs and fishies. I have a pit mix named Meekah and a husky mix named Luna. Some fish have names. We have a fire...
  6. A

    how to introduce another bird to the family

    Hi all :) earlier this year i got a baby amazon and I've been trying to get her acquainted with my 1 yr old orange winged amazon, they're both the same species and since i received her as a baby i've never really let her gone anywhere close to him because I was afraid he might attack her ...
  7. Franny024


    Hi every one :) I have joined the forum because I am thinking about getting a pet parrots! I just love parrots, they are such amazing creatures and I have always been interested in sharing my life with a feathered friend but I don't wont to rush with my choice! One of the reasons of why I...
  8. T

    New parrot bit me- please help!

    I have a new Senegal parrot that we just got yesterday. She was previously owned by a very sweet lady who said she is very tame and has never bitten anyone. We got her all set up in her cage yesterday and I took her out today and she bit me really hard and broke the skin in four places. She bit...
  9. L

    Rehoming a gorgeous new macaw

    Hi there I'm new to this but I just thought that I would jump in and ask a few questions that have been bugging me... I'm preparing my home for the arrival of my first macaw... Its a believed female blue and gold 2 years old. I have alot of prior experience with amazons, senegals, ringknecks...