1. Nikkki

    Please help. Indian Ringneck "attacking" us.

    Hi fellow bird lovers, I have a beautiful grey Indian Ringneck (Alfonso) who turned 1 on November 21st. We're quite certain he's a male as I've seen him. doing what looks like a mating dance with some of his toys but he hasn't developed his ring yet. We brought home a beautiful 4 month old...
  2. Quetki

    New friends??

    I want to get my GCC a friend. Are Green Cheeks more of a solo bird? I know it depends on the bird. I was thinking of getting another GCC or a Sun Conure. My bird is a bit jealous of objects, I've noticed. When I give attention to anything else (phones, tissues, drinks) he will attack it and...
  3. reeisconfused

    IRN is EXTREMELY jealous of ‘tiel

    Sorry for the super long post in advance. Max meeting Honey has been...interesting. Quarantine ended early because I was cleaning and I accidentally left the door open and Max flew in (he has free reign of the house). 10 mins in, I walk in to see Max on top of Honey’s cage, looking over. He...
  4. C

    Male Eclectus Screams at Girlfriend

    He is so tame and well behaved until my girlfriend enters my apartment. If he hears, sees or even just knows she's in my apartment he will scream for attention. This is actually his behavior around any female friend I have brought to my place. He can care less if any of my Male friends are...
  5. M

    Jealous conure bites owner

    I own this one male pineapple conure named Coco. He's always been a little brat, and being my first bird, i'm not quite sure how to stop him from biting. He tends to just nibble on me most of the time, but if I accidentally hurt him or annoy him or do something he doesn't like, he bites hard. I...